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A new action-adventure franchise is on the way from the studio behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

A new action franchise is on the way from the studio behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

EA confirmed during its recent earnings call that BioWare was working on an all-new IP, and that the first entry would launch before the end of FY 2018 (March 2018).

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It’s been well-known for a while now that BioWare was working on a game alongside Mass Effect: Andromeda, which launches next month. The 500+ team of developers spread across two studios has had its work cut out for it, and with a new IP on the way, EA looks set to really dominate the gaming landscape over the next 12 months.

“At the end of the fiscal year, our BioWare studio will be delivering an all-new IP, a clean-sheet design with new concepts, new gameplay mechanics, and new stories set in a unique new universe,” EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, said.

Wilson explained that the new IP has the potential to “fundamentally disrupt the way people think about an action title”, and that it will bring friends together in a new way to play.


“We’re very excited about the future of this new franchise and its ability to attract a large, global audience.”

The game won’t be a straight-up RPG, according to Wilson, and was instead described as an action-adventure game that will blend genres.

“What we’re seeing more and more is genre-melding, which is great components of a number of different genres really kind of coming together into single games,” he said. “And so when you think about this game, you should be thinking about the great RPG character development and storyline progression that BioWare is known for, but in a world of greater action and greater adventure, which is growing to be one of the larger categories in games.”

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Interestingly, it will be a completely new and wholly-owned IP, meaning there won’t have been any games based on the franchise before.

The official confirmation from EA comes after BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn revealed a new project in November of last year.

Speaking with Game Informer, Flynn said BioWare had been working on it for a while, and that EA management appeared to like it at the time.

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“You have to ask yourself, ‘Do you want to do something that fiercly different or do you want to do something that’s very recognizable?’ ‘Do you want to take something that you’ve done and put a spin on it, or do you want to wipe the slate clean and say what would we do in this.’ And for us, what we said was we’re BioWare, so we have a certain kind of game that we love making and we know our fans would love, so we started with that and that’s a game that has as its heart stories and storytelling. So we decided we’re going to stick with that. We’re not just going to walk away from that. Once we agreed on that, everything started to fall into place.”

We don’t know anything about the game outside of what Wilson told us about the genre, so stayed tuned for more details out of BioWare once Mass Effect: Andromeda hits.

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