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eSports team owner faces eviction for running YouTube gaming channel from home

Running a business from home shouldn’t be this difficult.

Popular video blogger and owner of Call Of Duty eSports team Team Kaliber, Justin “KOSDFF” Chandler, faces possible eviction for recording YouTube gaming videos from his home.

Yes, really.

He was visited by a Counter Enforcement Officer from the “Community Development Agency” (Straight Outta 1984), who issued a notice of violations for operating a business in his home.



What constituted him operating a business in his house was the equipment he used: his camera, his PC, and his console.

He was warned that if he did not cease recording and uploading videos from his home, he could face fines of up to $136 per day.

It may seem like a trivial issue, but it stands to set a dangerous precedent for the many thousands of YouTubers, bloggers, and other work-from-home business owners.

So how did this all arise? According to KOSDFF, it was due to a neighbour not liking that one of his friends had parked in front of their house. They obviously took this as being a business colleague, and reported KOSDFF to the authorities. How silly.

It appears to be on the way to being resolved — KOSDFF has to fill in some applications and be approved to run a business from home — so fingers crossed that this doesn’t set up some dangerous standards for what is one of fastest growing and lucrative media industries on the planet.

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