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Overwatch’s Tracer, McCree, Junkrat and others parodied in World Of Warcraft

There’s no denying the popularity of Overwatch, and so long as Blizzard keeps churning out great new content, there’s really no limit to what the series can achieve.

It may have a ways to go to toppling the likes of WarcraftStarcraft and Diablo as far as legacy goes, but the folks at Blizzard seem fairly confident that it will reach those heights.


The folks behind some of the most beloved games going around are no stranger to self-parody, having down so with pretty much every one of their games with subtle and not-so-subtle cross-overs.

Overwatch is now firmly on the agenda, having been parodied in World Of Warcraft in the Brawler’s Guild in patch 7.1.5.


In an obvious play on “Overwatch”, a team called “Ogrewatch” enters the fray as a team of cowboys, gorillas and thieves, and it’s fairly obvious who they take inspiration from.

Hudson is a tribute to Winston, putting up Barrier Projector while firing Tesla Cannons and Jump Packs.

Dupree is a tribute to McCree, casting High Noon.

Then there’s Junkrat, who casts Maniacal Laugh.

There are also other “Orgewatch” bosses to come: Blinker (Tracer), Boargut (Roadhog), Render (Reaper) and Steingardt (Rhinehardt).

Check them out in the video below, from around the 5:45 mark.


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