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The Overwatch community has delivered a lot of payloads in 2016

There’s no doubting the popularity and downright awesomeness of Blizzard’s 2016 juggernaut, Overwatch.

The online-only multiplayer shooter has built a passionate, highly-skilled community of more than 20 million, played across arguably gaming’s most diverse character roster.

With the introduction of Arcade Mode, an ever-evolving Competitive Play, and an on-the-improve Quick Play, Overwatch continues to evolve, despite having already been a pretty great shooter when it was first released.

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It’s undoubtedly one of the most played video games on the planet, although one could only possibly begin to appreciate and verify that by simply heading online and seeing just how fast — and seamless — it is to get into a match lobby.

Blizzard has gone out of its way to demonstrate Overwatch‘s popularity, however, and it goes beyond merely quoting a player count.

This time, the folks at Blizzard HQ have highlighted the insanity of the Overwatch phenomenon with a far more inane statistic.


The studio sent around an email to its Overwatch faithful over the Christmas weekend, revealing that the community had delivered a staggering 217,817,802 payloads.

That’s strange because I swear that every time I play, my team can barely make it to the first checkpoint … but that’s probably because my team is a coherent collective of ineptness.

Let’s try to put that figure into perspective: Overwatch has been out for around 217 days.

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That means that on average, around 1 million payloads are delivered in Overwatch every day.

Now let’s assume Blizzard means that a delivery equates to actually claiming victory as the attacking team, and not simply reaching a checkpoint.

That would mean that there are one million games played in Overwatch every day.

Factoring in my own win-loss ratio of around 60 percent, it would be very hard to deny the popularity and juggernaut that is Overwatch.

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