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Capcom beats down on Street Fighter 5 rage-quitters

It may be one of the year’s most disappointing games, but Street Fighter 5 is still immensely popular with a large, active community.

Capcom is slowly improving the game’s value and depth, and the studio is also working to enhance the game’s competitive features, hopeful of making for a more balanced and fair offering.


Back in April and then again in August, Capcom boosted the reputation penalty to players who quit games early, and eventually added a 24-hour ban to anyone that rage-quit three times in a 2-hour span.

It appears that the penalty of rage-quitting is going up a notch once again, if recently leaked notes from an upcoming update are to be believed.


A test branch for the PC version of Street Fighter 5 hit Steam last week, and, as always, some diehard fans plunged head-first into the game’s files and information.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to come from the leak was that of a change to the game’s penalty system, which will see rage-quitters humiliated for being sore losers.


It’s expected that frequent rage-quitters will receive a badge of “honor”, which will tell people that the player they’re about to compete against is known to quit when things get too tough.

Capcom also intends to reward honest players that stick around, so that at least then all of the legit players can battle it out against one another without the fear of having someone quit a match early.


It’s a really cool aesthetic touch to a game that is drowning in competitiveness, and it’s sad to see that rage-quitting is such a common part of the experience for Street Fighter 5 players.

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