Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland: All Skins, emotes, and sprays Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland: All Skins, emotes, and sprays
From today, Overwatch fans will be greeted by the game's third and final seasonable event of the year. Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland: All Skins, emotes, and sprays


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From today, Overwatch fans will be greeted by the game’s third and final seasonable event of the year.

Winter Wonderland is a holiday-themed event, with plenty of news skins, emotes, sprays, and victory poses coming your way.

It will run until January 2, giving us three straight weeks of festive-themed cheer in one of the year’s best shooters.


The event adds more than 100 new cosmetic items in total, as well as some aesthetic changes to a number of maps to add some additional Christmas cheer.

There’s also a new brawl coming: Mei’s Snowball Offensive.

Let’s take a look at everything that’s coming to Overwatch in Winter Wonderland.



Mei’s Snowball Offensive

This new brawl is essentially the Overwatch equivalent of a snowball fight. It’s on the Ecopoint: Antarctica map, and features teams of six Meis going up against one another.

Each Mei has a snowball blaster, which has one shot and will need to be reloaded at designated spots throughout the map.

To win, your team will need to beat the opposing team three times.


Skins, Emotes, Intros, and More!

Here’s what’s coming to select characters. Note that the new skins won’t be available once the event is over, so either get playing or get paying in order to get them!


  • Victory Post – Toast
  • Voice Line – “I’m watching out for you.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Dwee doo hoo.”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Post – Festive
  • Voice Line – “Aw, you shouldn’t have.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Merry Christmas!”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “A gift for you.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Merry Christmas.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Andes
  • Voice Line – “Happy Holidays!”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Scrooge
  • Emote – Hat Trick
  • Voice Line – “Had to break the ice.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Mei-rry
  • Emote – Snowman
  • Voice Line – “I got you something!”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Pose – Mistletoe
  • Voice Line – “Your guardian angel.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Frostbite
  • Victory Pose – Toast
  • Voice Line – “The Forecast.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Shiver
  • Voice Line – “Holiday Spirit”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Pose – Toast
  • Voice Line – “You’re on my naughty list.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Rudolph
  • Voice Line – “Ho ho ho.”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Pose – Toast
  • Voice Line – “Stay Frosty.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Peppermint
  • Voice Line – “I know who’s been naughty.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “I made you something.”
  • New Sprays
  • Highlight Intro – Snowflakes


  • Skin – Santaclad
  • Victory Pose – Toast
  • Voice Line – “Made to order.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Jingle
  • Voice Line – “It’s in the bag!”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Exquisite.”
  • New Sprays
  • Highlight Intro – Under the Mistletoe


  • Skin – Yeti
  • Voice Line – “I… got you something.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Frosted
  • Emote – Mystery Gift
  • Voice Line – “For the Motherland!”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Nutcracker
  • Voice Line – “No snowflake.”
  • New Sprays


All Christmas Skins




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