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Will Ferrell set to star as pro gamer in esports comedy

There have been calls for esports stars to be recognised as professional athletes, but it may be the sport’s transition into film that will garner it mainstream attention.

Variety reports that Will Ferrell is attached to star in a comedy set in the world of esports, and that he will play a professional gamer.

The film will be made for Legendary Pictures, with Ferrell’s production company Gary Sanchez Productions to produce.


It will be based on a script by Michael Kvamme and Jordan Dunn, who are also co-writing a new Spongebob Squarepants movie.

Ferrell will play the star of a professional esports team, although he will be treated as an anomaly in a sport where most players retire in their mid-late 20s.

Evil Geniuses, a Call of Duty and Counterstrike pro team, and Fnatic, also on the Counterstrike circuit, are in talks to appear in the film.


Ferrell is certainly no stranger to the prodigy genre, having played similar roles in AnchormanSemi-Pro and Talladega Night, all parodies of specific industries and pro sports.

It’ll be interesting to say the least how he approaches the character and esports world: I’m predicting the tale will be about his rise and fall, with the primary antagonist being a spoiled 12-year-old looking to replace Farrell atop the esports mantle.


Wednesday 7th of December 2016

I can definitely see this being like Talladega Nights

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