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Final Fantasy XV Scraps Of Mystery locations: Where to find Lucis’ well-hidden treasures

There’s no shortage of exciting and engaging side quests in Final Fantasy XV. From cooking and fishing, to unlocking and racing Chocobos, there’s no shortage of stuff to do in the game world.

Scraps Of Mystery is one of these side quests in Final Fantasy XV, and they’re not easy to find: they only appear on your map when you’re standing next to them, and as such they are essentially impossible to actively search for unless you know the explicit location.

Once you enter into a specific area, individual “Mystery Maps” will trigger the Scraps Of Mystery quests on your map, without directly telling you where to look. If you select a Mystery Map as your active quest, you’ll notice a search proximity guide giving you a rough idea of where to look. Outside of that, however, you’re on your own.

In this guide, will help you find what are arguably Final Fantasy XV‘s toughest-to-find collectibles. It’s worth noting that one map piece requires two pieces of scrap in order to complete. This guide must be completed in order: Generally, scrap 1 needs to be found to match the unlock condition for scrap 2.

Scrap of Mystery Map Piece A Location

Scrap: The first scrap can located at what appears like a four-way intersection motel. Head to the porch, and look to the left. It’s near a white chair.

Map: You went to head to the south-west of this current location, towards the marker. There is a small hill, and the map is located at the bottom. Look for a mountain range that has rocks and green shrubs scattered around.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece B Location

Scrap:  You’re heading to Prairie Outpost for this scrap. It’s north when looking at the map, near Keyentrich Ruins. There’s a small building, with some rusting cages out the back. Look for wooden crate to find the scrap.

Map:  Head to Keycatrich Ruins. Look for a wooden cart that is hidden beneath a collapsed wall.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece C Location

Scrap:  Head to the western part of Weaverwilds. This is to the south of Keyentrich Ruins. At the large base, there is a small concrete platform. There’s also a water tower to the south, which is where you’ll find the scrap.

Map:  Head to The Three Valleys. Search for a collapsed wall. The scrap is behind it.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece D Location

Scrap:  Head to Esterielden Blockade, which is near Ostrum Gorge. Move towards the blockade bridge, and search behind the red barriers. It’s in an abandoned lot. You’ll find the scrap here.

Map:  Head towards Cresholm Channels Dungeon. Look for a car wreckage, and enter from there. Head through the dungeon until you drop through an opening in the ceiling. Head through the doorway, and to the left in the hallway is the next scrap.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece E Location

Scrap:  Head to the north of The Three Valleys, and look for some collapsed walls and a pipe. Under the pipe on the scaffolds is the scrap.

Map:  Move towards the area between Malaccchi Hills and Longwythe Peak. To the south side of a rock area, there’s a large mountain. To the west of this area is a rock you can climb to reach the next scrap.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece F Location

Scrap:  Head south west from Nebulawood. Venture towards the north-east base of the mountain, which sits between Disc and Nebulawood. In a car lot, next to some junk is the scrap.

Map:  Look for a small lake, and head towards Alstor Slough. From here, head south-west, and look for some large rock bridges. The scrap can be found on the end.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece G Location

Scrap:  Head south-west in the direction of The Malacchi Hills. Keep a look out for some buildings in over-shaped domes. There are three yellow-roofed building. The scrap is beneath the steps of the front building.

Map:  Head towards Malacchi Hills, within the forest. Look above the “Ma” on the map: hear is a hunting area, and a large rock. The scrap is behind it.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece H Location

Scrap:  Head north-east of Causcherry Plains, towards Cauthess Rest Area. There is a huge, open hanger/warehouse. Head inside, in the back corner to the right near the cylinders is the scrap.

Map:  Move towards Mencemoor. There is a crash site, directly beneath “Mencemoor” on the map. The scrap is submerged in this area.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece I Location

Scrap:  Move towards the Taelpar Res Area, which is to the south of Secullum Pass. The scrap is outside the rest area, along a wall to the right.

Map:  Head to the north of Schler Heights. There is a passage in the forest to the right (the left area is fenced off). Stay alongside the rock wall, and to the right is the scrap.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece J Location

Scrap:  Move towards Kelbass Grassland. There is a small toward, and near it is an old, small room. Inside of the low windows you’ll find the scrap.

Map:  Head south from Kelbass Grassland, and move passed what appears to be a crater. Look for a metal toward: the scrap is among the rocks.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece K Location

Scrap: This is at Pallareth Pass. There is a collapsing building at the top of the hill, directly across from Alpine Staple. Look inside the building for the scrap.

Map: Head east from Lestallum. In the main area, take the alley to the right. There are some stairs: turn to the left and head up some crossroads. Follow the path and grab the map on the left wall.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece L Location

Scrap: Head east from Risorath Basin. Towards Meldacio Hunter HQ, and look for a building with a porch sitting next to a shed. The scrap is behind the building, among some barrels.

Map: Head towards Pallareth Pass. Head down the winding road, and look for a bunker. The map is in the room.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece M Location

Scrap: Head towards Malmalan Thicxet. Inside there’s a woman within a fenced cottage. Look to the left of the cottage for the scrap.

Map: Move to the east of Lermty Senside. Head to the lighthouse, and take the elevator up. The map is up here.


Scrap of Mystery Map Piece N Location

Scrap: Head to the west of River Wennath. There is a rusting car to the south, near a large ship. The scrap is inside.

Map: Head towards Greyshire Glacial Grotto Dungeon. Move to the opposite side of the bridge. Inside, slide down the slides to go inside a large chamber. Head down one more level, and find the scrap right at the bottom.

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