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Modern Warfare Remastered boosters purged from leaderboards

Modern Warfare Remastered appears to have reignited interest in the Call Of Duty franchise, but just as with the many entries before it, its leaderboards are plagued by cheaters and boosters.

However, developer Raven, responsible for the remastered effort of Infinity Ward’s 2007 classic, has done a mass-purge and clean-up of the leaderboards, resulting in a large chunk of players being banned and/or having their stats wiped from the servers.


Boosting, as many an online shooter player would know, is the act of players working together to “boost” their stats. This generally involves killing one another in-game, completing challenges, and doing other in-game tasks for extra XP that would otherwise be difficult to complete alone.

It’s been a common method of cheating in Call Of Duty games for players wanting to boost up the leaderboards and perhaps sell the attached account for a high price. Often, players sit atop the leaderboard in a specific game mode with statistics far outside the realms of possibility.


Two players have taken to Reddit to make the CoD community aware of Raven’s initial purge, with both claiming to have been banned because of “headshot boosting”.

Now of course, it’s difficult to feel sorry for these players, not that they’re seek sympathy. However, in their defense, boosting was actually a common tactic in CoD4, with developer Infinity Ward seemingly turning a blind eye to the tactic until it started generating more attention with the release of Modern Warfare 2 in 2009.


Modern Warfare Remastered‘s lead designer, Amos Hodge, warned players (via Power Up) last month that a banning purge and leaderboard cleanup was coming.

It’s good to see Raven cleaning the leaderboards up. Seeing players sit atop the rankings with ridiculous stats and at maximum Prestige levels is discouraging when you put so much time in only to find yourself lingering in the tens of thousands.

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