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Titanfall 2 is free this weekend, so play it if you haven’t already

Titanfall 2 is one of the year’s best and most under-appreciated games. Simply put, the game struggled to generate the hype needed to keep players invested, as the community waned and dropped off too soon after release.

That’s through no fault of developer Respawn, who seems a little antsy about publisher EA’s decision to cram the game’s release between Battlefield 1 and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Ironically, the game has seem player numbers drop off almost as quickly as the first game did, despite having righted a long of that game’s wrongs.

Titanfall divided the community through paid DLC, whereas Titanfall 2 offers free DLC. Despite having given the community exactly what it asked for, EA sent Titanfall 2 to the wolves by releasing it during a saturated launch window.

Titanfall 2 may be able to redeem itself this weekend, however, when it kicks off a free-to-play event across all platforms, just in time for its first free DLC expansion.

EA Access members on Xbox One and Origin Access members on PC can jump into the action for free from today, while all other players will need to wait until Friday, December 2 to try the game out. It will end on December 2.

All of the progress you make will be carried over should you choose to purchase the full game after the trial period, and that might be a good idea because some huge new DLC is coming next week.

If you pre-ordered Titanfall 2, you’ll get the DLC map from today, which includes a remastered version of the Angel City map from the first game. It’s playable for everyone else from December 3.

The entire package adds the map, a new pistol, some new titan kits, and an in-game store selling cosmetics. All primary game features — maps, modes and weapons — will be free.

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