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Overwatch player reaches ridiculous level 1700 milestone

If you thought your Overwatch dedication was high, you’ve got nothing on this guy!

Overwatch rusher TaZzeRK reached the incredible level 1700 milestone this past weekend, and looks set to hit the official level cap of 1890 by week’s end.

According to PVPLive, they reached the milestone by playing an impossible amount of Overwatch since launch: around 16-17 hours per day on average, spaced out between 7-8 hours of sleep. Factor in inevitable life and family events, and there would have been times when they would have played for days on end without a break. Now that’s dedication (and also a little crazy).

The French player has unlocked everything in the game, and still has around 100,000 credits to spare.  They were the first player to reach level 1000, and also the first to earn Overwatch‘s illusive gold border.


That’s insane committment for something that, outside of in-game bragging rights, doesn’t directly reward you with anything tangible, which is fine because, well, gaming is hobby and past time, after all. Perhaps they should look into a professional gaming career to make something of what would surely be an incredible skill level.

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