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Modern Warfare Remastered update fixes smoke grenades, adds clan support

Following on from Infinite Warfare‘s most recent patch, Modern Warfare Remastered has received some help of its own, with the latest version 1.05 fixing a number of issues that have plagued the community experience since launch.

Probably the biggest changes coming to Modern Warfare in this patch are fixes to private matches, the removal of footstep audio while aiming down the sight, and improved smoke grenades (because what’s a Call Of Duty game without effective smoke grenades?).

PC users will surely celebrate the addition of clan support, as they will the ability to completely disable in-game communications with blocked users.

Check out the full list of changes coming in the patch below.


  • Fixed an issue with “Loss Stat Prevented” messaging after joining in progress and winning a match
  • [PS4/XBOX ONE] Fixed several issues with overlapping HUD elements when playing split screen
  • Fixed issue with medal text extending beyond its area
  • Re-Enable join game from recent players list
  • [XBOX ONE] Fixed messaging when attempting to join a game session with a user that had been previously blocked
  • After Action Report score display updates
  • [PC] Fixed issues with Party options
  • [PC] Clan support added for Steam
  • [PC] Fixed issues with overlap based on aspect ratio
  • [PC] Added Environmental Kills and Melee Kills to Combat Record
  • Audio
  • Removed footstep audio while aiming down sights
  • Dead Silence Perk scale adjusted to match legacy


  • Added shorter pre-match timers in Private Match
  • Increased smoke grenade speed and volume
  • Switching to a pistol no longer deactivates the firing range lane
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for frequent crash when selecting a friend from the in-game Friends menu
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for issue where it was possible to join on a multiplayer part with Party Privacy set to “Closed”
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for issue where split screen player could not join a party after increasing Party Player Limit
  • [PC] PC virtual lobby VFX optimizations
  • [PC] Adjusted helicopter killstreak hitbox to be more consistent with original Modern Warfare
  • [PC] Disabled communication with blocked users
  • [PC] Fixed bad save version issue in Campaign
  • [PC] Dedicated Server fixes



  • Fixed tunnel grates exploit


  • Fixed stuck spot that prevented players from leaving prone position

Modern Warfare Remastered has proven to be one of the more popular shooters of the year. It was also better received by critics and gamers alike than Infinite Warfare, the “main” game that gamers had to buy in order to play Infinity Ward’s 2007 classic.

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