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Sorry, PC Master Race, but this console Overwatch player just destroyed your elitist status

YouTuber DPStanky had a point to prove. About two months ago, he showed the world how good he was at Overwatch while playing as Lucio, one of the game’s more popular characters and also one of its hardest to control and utilise.

This guy absolutely destroyed the competition. Seriously, DPStanky is the benchmark of good Lucio play.

The only problem with his video, however, was that it was recorded on console. And, as expected on the internet, DPStanky felt the wrath of PC elitists, who ridiculed him endlessly.

“Nice movement and all, but you wouldn’t be able to survive on PC regardless,” said one comment on the video. “Lol, console,” said another. “I want to see how you play against people that can actually aim.”

Those are the cleanest, nicest comments on the video. Basically, he was absolutely taken to town by the PC Master Race for being a “console scrubdom”.

Motivated to prove those gaming elitists wrong, DPStanky spent the next two months working his way up the ranks in Overwatch competitive play on PC. He climbed to Master from Gold, and cracked the top 500 on the North American server.

Watch his spectacular rise up the ranks, and see how he breaks down the elitist status of all those that questioned his skill. Seriously, this video is amazing.



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