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Dishonored 2 Achievements/Trophies guide

Dishonored 2 is one of the year’s best games. Kicking things off where the first game ended, it offers a number of great new gameplay mechanics, a new character, some exciting new abilities, and a fascinating world to explore.

We have you fairly well covered when it comes to getting the most out of your Dishonored 2 playthrough. Our stealth guide will help you perfect the art of sneaking, our weapons and gadget guide can help you prioritise your upgrades, while our Bone Charms guide is probably the most important Dishonored 2 guide you need to read.

In this guide we’ll take you through each Achievement/Trophy, and provide tips for the more harder-to-get ones.

A Night in 1849

Bronze/10 GS

Went back in time (Story Reward)



Bronze/10 GS

Use 10 Drop Assassinations

Tips: There’s no way to track this trophy, so just use Blink/Far Reach as often as possible to get above people until you get the notification that you’ve earned it.


Alternative Approach

Bronze/20 GS

Finished an entire mission with zero casualties

Tips: This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If someone spots you, make sure you use Sleep Darts, or parry their strikes to knock them out/choke them. Ensure that when you drag unconcious bodies to other areas, that you put them in a safe place. Keep them out of water, away from high areas, and away from rates and the like (they’ll eat the body).


Art Collector

Silver/30 GS

Find all collectible Paintings


Black Market Burglar

Bronze/20 GS

Rob a black market shop


Circle of Life

Bronze/30 GS

With one Possession, chain between a Human, Hound, Rat, Fish, and Bloodfly


Clean Hands

Gold/50 GS

Complete the entire game without killing anyone


Clockwork Collector

Silver/30 GS

Obtain all of the numbered plates for the Clockwork Soldiers



Bronze/15 GS

Craft and use a Counter-Serum during “The Good Doctor”


Dancer at the Edge of Darkness


Complete the game with Low Chaos and all difficulty settings maxed out



Bronze/15 GS

Find the hidden balcony passageway in “Crack in the Slab”

Tips: While playing this missing, look for a hidden balcony passage. In the modern time, head towards the rear of the building, before climbing a hill of debris to the upper floor. Switch to the past and knock out the man standing there. This will ensure the window doesn’t get repaired. Head back to the present and head through the open window. Walk around the ledges to the other side, then stop on the balcony to the left. Go back to the past, and you’ll find a hidden art gallery. This will unlock the trophy.


Down With the Duke

Bronze/10 GS

Defeated Duke Luca Abele (Reward)


Empire in Chaos

Silver/30 GS

Completed the game in High Chaos



Bronze/15 GS

Cracked the Jindosh Lock


Faithful to the Abbey

Bronze/15 GS

Sides with the Overseers during “Dust District”


Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Bronze/15 GS

Steal items from the Galvani building during “A Long Day in Dunwall” and “Death to the Empress”

Tips: This requires that you do one thing early in the game, and then return late in the game. During the “A Long Day In Dunwall” mission, go inside the Galvani building. You’ll see it to the left once you first arrive at the streets. Take the painting and the safe that you see. Once you reach the game’s final mission, go back to the same location. Find the housemaid to get the key to the door. Loot it again and you’ll get the achievement.


Fatal Redirect

Bronze/10 GS

Kill an enemy with their own Bullet


Fearless Fall

Bronze/15 GS

During “The Good Doctor” you have to leap off of the highest point on the roof and do a successful Drop Assassination

Tips: In “The Good Doctor” mission, use Blink/Far Reach to get onto the rooftops. You will have needed to have climbed the stairs and go outside onto the terrace first. Inside the tower you’ll find some lucrative items. At the top of the building is a bird’s nest. From this point, do a drop attack onto one of the guards down below.


Flesh and Steel

Silver/50 GS

Complete the game without using supernatural abilities

Tips: The ideal way to approach this is to ensure you have mastered the art of standard combat and stealth. If you can avoid combat all together, of course that’s more ideal, but being prepared when you come up against an enemy will ensure you’re not overwhelmed. Loot as much and as often as you can, and only purchase upgrades that upgrade gear. If you reach a point that is heavily guarded, set traps and try to lure enemies towards you.


Flooded Basement

Bronze/15 GS

During “Crack in the Slab” you have to use a wheel to drain the water in the basement

Tips: In the “A Crack In The Slab” mission, search for some steps that head to the basement. Watch out for the rat swarms in this area. You’re looking for a room submerged in water. Head back to the past and take out the Elites that are nearby. Once taken out, grab the wheel off the shelves in the corner and throw it into the area that is submerged in the present. Head back to the present, use the wheel to turn the pipe, and grab the Rune to unlock the achievement.


Freedom of Speech

Bronze/15 GS

In “A Long Day in Dunwall” you have to save the editor of the Courier from an attacking Guard

Tips: During this mission, head to the paper’s building. Along the main road, it’s to the left. Head to the top of the building, and make sure you crouch while you enter. You should hear a Guard threaten the editor. Take out the Guard before he kills the editor to unlock the Trophy.



Bronze/15 GS

Go to the Gazebo when you reach Dunwall Tower

Tips: This is achievable during the “Death To The Empress” mission. Before you head into the Dunwall Tower, look around for the Witches that are patrolling the area outside. Run into the gazebo to the left of the map, and enter it to pay your respects to the empress that was killed there.



Silver/30 GS

Finish an entire mission without being spotted

Tips: You want to use Shadow Kill often here to eradicate any taken out enemies. Use Blink/Far Reach has well to have a good vantage point of areas, and to track the routes of enemies down below.


Greatest Assassin


Complete the game with High Chaos and all difficulty settings maxed out


Heart Whispers

Bronze/10 GS

Use the Heart and listen to 40 people’s secrets


Heartbeat Reaper

Bronze/30 GS

Eliminate 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds

Tips: The first thing you want to do is disable any and all defenses available to Guards in an area. This will force them to rush towards you. Make a lot of noise to alert them, and wait while the alarm is raised. You want to use weapons that cause a great deal of damage over a large area, like grenades. Throw a grenade to a group of Guards, and then use a Pistol and Explosive Bullet for extra effectiveness.


Howlers ‘Til the End

Bronze/15 GS

Sides with the Howlers during “Dust District”


Imperial Seal

Bronze/10 GS

Recover your Signet Ring (Story Reward)


In Good Conscience


Points Complete the game with Low Chaos


Jewel of the South

Bronze/10 GS

Arrive in Karnaca (Story Reward)


Labyrinthine Mind

Bronze/10 GS

Find Anton Sokolov (Story Reward)


Morbid Theft

Bronze/15 GS

During “Edge of the World” you need to steal a corpse from the Overseer building and deliver it to Mindy

Tips: During the “Edge Of The World” mission, you’ll need to steal a body for Minday. Head into the Overseer’s building along the canal. Take out the Overseers a few floors above. One of them has a key to a locked door. Go inside to grab the body. Head to the window and use Blink/Far Reach to reach the waypoint. Drop the body once you reach it to get the Trophy.


Occult Carver

Bronze/10 GS

Craft 10 Bonecharms


Oracular Echoes

Bronze/15 GS

Listen to the voices of the Oracular Order during “The Royal Conservatory”




Complete all other Trophies



Bronze/10 GS

Eliminate 20 unaware enemies


Royal Spymaster

Bronze/10 GS

Find all Journals and Audiographs for Captain Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale

Tips: You’ll need to return to the Dreadful Wale numerous times in order to find every journal and audiograph that’s stashed there.



Gold/50 GS

Finish the entire game without ever being spotted



Bronze/15 GS

Deal with Jindosh without him ever realizing that you were there


Sliding Marksman

Bronze/10 GS

Use your Pistol to score a headshot while sliding


Songs of Serkonos

Bronze/10 GS

Find all 3 musical duos across Karnaca (must hear entire song each time)

Tips: In the “Edge Of The World”, “Dust District” and “Grand Palace” missions, you need to find three duos. Don’t make any trouble and approach them slowly. In “Edge Of The World” head down the main street, before you reach the carriage station. Search for two musicians to the right of the path. In “Dust District”, they are in the Howlers’ area in the Crone’s Hand Saloon. In the “Grand Palace” mission, they’ll be near the black market.



Silver/30 GS

Collect all of the decorative objects for the Dreadful Wale


Spirit Thief

Bronze/10 GS

Take Delilah’s soul (Story Reward)


Stay of Execution

Bronze/15 GS

During “Edge of the World” you need to defeat two Guards that are about to push a civilian through their Wall of Light


The Beast Within

Bronze/10 GS

Deal with the Crown Killer (Story Reward)


The Empress

Silver/50 GS

Finish the game using Emily Kaldwin


The Greatest Gift

Bronze/10 GS

Saved your family member (Story Reward)


The Lovers

Bronze/10 GS

Use Domino to link two characters just before one kills the other


The Royal Protector

Silver/50 GS

Finish the game using Corvo Attano


Three Deaths

Bronze/15 GS

Kill Paolo three times (once during “The Clockwork Mansion” and twice during “Dust District”)


Under the Table

Bronze/15 GS

Stole the Master Key during “Crack in the Slab” without killing the Guards in the dining hall


Well Funded

Silver/30 GS

Find at least 60% of the available loot in the entire game


Well Informed


Read 20 Newspapers


Years Ago, Another Time

Bronze/10 GS

Talk to Meagan

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