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Dishonored 2 Bone Charms: What they do and how to craft them

Dishonored 2 offers a diverse and extremely varied gaming experience. Case in point: Bone Charms. These collectibles can change the way your characters interact with the world, and can be found in the game world or crafted.

There are three types of Bone Charms: Regular, Corrupted, and Black.

Interestingly, a Bone Charm can either have a positive or negative effect. You can also use Bone Charms you may have no use for to create Raw Whalebone, which can then be used to create new Bone Charms.

Here’s the full list of Bone Charms in Dishonored 2, and the type of effect they have on the gameplay.

Regulated Bone Charms | Corrupted Bone Charms | Black Bone Charms | How To Craft Bone Charms

Regular Bone Charms

Bone Charm: Accommodating

Effect: Host Animal Possessions last longer


Bone Charm: Acrobat

Effect: Increases your climbing speed


Bone Charm: Agile

Effect: Recovery You recover from falls a bit faster


Bone Charm: Agile

Will Possession lasts slightly longer


Bone Charm: Albinos

Effect: Rat swarms include more White Rats


Bone Charm: Aquatic Nature

Effect: Increases your swim speed


Bone Charm: Assassin’s Fortune

Effect: Bolt packs have a chance of restoring one extra Bolt


Bone Charm: Bird of Prey

Effect: Restores some Health when you do a Drop Assassination


Bone Charm: Bitter Blood

Effect: Bloodflies attack you only if you get really close to their nests


Bone Charm: Blade Ballet

Effect: Spring Razors have a slight chance to destroy a victim’s body


Bone Charm: Blast Resistant

Effect: You receive less damage from explosions


Bone Charm: Blood Sacrifice

Effect: Killing Bloodflies and Rats restores your Health


Bone Charm: Carrion Killer

Effect: You gain Adrenaline from killing Rats and Bloodflies


Bone Charm: Combustion

Effect: Your Grenades deal more damage


Bone Charm: Deep Grave

Effect: Causes Gravehounds to sometimes die automatically when summoned


Bone Charm: Duelist’s Skill

Effect: Increases the damage of your Bullets


Bone Charm: Electrical Burst

Effect: Increases the area of effect for your Stun Mines


Bone Charm: Enduring Allies

Effect: Doppelgangers last longer


Bone Charm: Exacting Aim

Effect: Increases the damage of your Bolts


Bone Charm: Falling Star

Effect: Drop assassinations restore some Mana


Bone Charm: Fencer

Effect: You win locked-Sword contests more often


Bone Charm: Firestarter

Effect: Incendiary Bolts have a larger radius


Bone Charm: Ground Glider

Effect: You slide faster


Bone Charm: Gutter Feast

Effect: Consume White Rats to restore Mana


Bone Charm: Healthy Appetite

Effect: Food restores more Health


Bone Charm: Hot Cocktail

Effect: Exploding bottles deal slightly more damage


Bone Charm: Leviathan’s Mind

Effect: Regenerates Mana when you’re underwater


Bone Charm: Liquid Sustenance

Effect: Drinking from fountains restores a bit of Health


Bone Charm: Lucky Needle

Effect: Raises your chance to recover Sleep and Confusion Darts


Bone Charm: Relocation Sickness

Effect: Witches sometimes stumble after magical relocation


Bone Charm: Resilient Allies

Effect: Doppelgangers have more health


Bone Charm: Resounding Shriek

Effect: Howling Blasts are louder and have a larger radius


Bone Charm: Restorative Glimmer

Effect: Health regenerates when using Dark Vision


Bone Charm: Robust

Effect: Elixirs restore slightly more Health


Bone Charm: Savage Scream

Effect: Nestkeeper’s screams have a chance to kill all surrounding Bloodflies


Bone Charm: Shadow Embrace

Effect: Shadow Walk lasts slightly longer


Bone Charm: Spirit Water

Effect: Drinking from fountains restores a bit of Mana


Bone Charm: Spirited

Effect: Elixirs restore slightly more Mana


Bone Charm: Spiritual Fortune

Effect: Drinking and using Mana Elixirs sometimes restores you to full Mana


Bone Charm: Spiritual Pool

Effect: Mana regenerates faster


Bone Charm: Spiritual Sacrifice

Effect: Killing Bloodflies and Rats restores your Mana


Bone Charm: Strong Arms

Effect: Enemies are choked faster


Bone Charm: Strong Lungs

Effect: You can hold your breath longer underwater


Bone Charm: Submerged Rage

Effect: You gain Adrenaline while underwater


Bone Charm: Swift Shadow

Effect: Increases movement speed in stealth mode


Bone Charm: Swift Stalker

Effect: Increases movement speed when your weapons are sheathed


Bone Charm: Synergetic Swarm

Effect: Rat swarms last slightly longer


Bone Charm: Tricky Timing

Effect: Enemy Grenades take longer to explode


Bone Charm: Undertaker

Effect: You move a bit faster when carrying a body


Bone Charm: Unfortunate Craftsmanship

Effect: Enemy Grenades sometimes malfunction


Bone Charm: Unnerving Target

Effect: Enemies sometimes drop Grenades and debris at their feet


Bone Charm: Unsteady Hand

Effect: Enemies have a greater chance to miss with their projectiles


Bone Charm: Vengeance

Effect: You generate Adrenaline when you take melee damage from an enemy


Bone Charm: Void Rapture

Effect: Sometimes enemies fall unconscious when Mesmerize ends


Bone Charm: Whirlwind

Effect: Raises your Sword’s attack speed

Corrupted Bone Charms

Bone Charm: Armored Bones

Effect: You take far less damage, but movement speed is reduced


Bone Charm: Bright Moon

Effect: Doppelgangers deal more damage but last half as long


Bone Charm: Clumsy Assassin

Effect: You gain invisibility briefly after knocking out or assassinating an enemy, but enemies can see and hear when you lean


Bone Charm: High Pressure

Effect: Grenades, oil tanks, and bottles deal more damage but have a smaller blast radius


Bone Charm: Lightweight

Effect: You take less damage from falling, but you lose half of your Health regeneration rate


Bone Charm: Power Slash

Effect: Your Sword blows deal greater damage, but your Sword attacks are slower


Bone Charm: Risky Parry

Effect: Your parries always throw enemies off balance, but you take more damage while parrying


Bone Charm: Shivering Silhouette

Effect: Enemies miss more often at range, but you are more visible to enemies


Bone Charm: Splintering Bolts

Effect: Bolts inflict far more damage, but they always break on impact


Bone Charm: Stolen Breath

Effect: Pulling enemies with Far Reach is now quiet, but it consumes more Mana for all uses


Bone Charm: Vengeance Trade

Effect: You accumulate Adrenaline faster


Bone Charm: Void Winds

Effect: Windblast is more powerful, but costs more Mana


Bone Charm: Witch’s Skin

Effect: Taking damage drains your Mana before your Health


Bone Charm: Zephyr

Effect: Raises your walking and running speed, but you take more damage

Black Bone Charms

Bone Charm: Bloodfly Alchemy

Effect: An enemy’s first ranged attack turns into Bloodflies


Bone Charm: Cornered Animal

Effect: You deal much more attack damage when your Health is low


Bone Charm: Dark Extraction

Effect: Shadow Walk assassinations restore some of your Health


Bone Charm: Expansive Spirit

Effect: Increases your maximum Mana


Bone Charm: Fading Light

Effect: Far Reach and Blink cost zero Mana if used right after an assassination


Bone Charm: Familiar Scent

Effect: Wolfhounds cannot smell your character


Bone Charm: Fickle Beasts

Effect: White Wolfhounds fight on your side


Bone Charm: Fleet Fighter

Effect: Your movement doesn’t slow down when your weapons are unsheathed


Bone Charm: Hardiness

Effect: Adds to your maximum Health


Bone Charm: Invisible Thread

Effect: You are invisible during Far Reach movement


Bone Charm: Iron Roots

Effect: You are much less likely to be knocked down


Bone Charm: Leech Cuts

Effect: You gain Health when hitting people with your Sword or finishing assassinations


Bone Charm: Leviathan’s Breath

Effect: Running out of breath lowers your Mana before it starts lowering your Health


Bone Charm: Lucky Jam

Effect: Enemy Pistols have a higher chance of misfiring


Bone Charm: Mind Runner

Effect: You can sprint while inside human hosts during Possession


Bone Charm: Separation Trauma

Effect: Enemies are rendered unconscious when you end Possession


Bone Charm: Shadow Repose

Effect: You regain Health automatically during Shadow Walk


Bone Charm: Solid Landing

Effect: A shockwave damages enemies and objects when you land after falling from a great height


Bone Charm: Twin Leech

Effect: You regain Health while your Doppelganger is active


Bone Charm: Undying Swarm

Effect: Rat swarms repopulate over time


Bone Charm: Void Armor

Effect: Most of the damage you take is subtracted from Mana

How To Craft Bone Charms

Bone Charm crafting is absolutely imperative to your Dishonored 2 experience. It would be crazy not to utilise it, as it would to not upgrade any ability, weapon or gadget when you have the chance. Appreciate that Bone Charms grant your character minor bonuses, so you want to be able to benefit from that as much as possible. There can be up to four positive effects for a Bone Charm, and a single negative effect if they’ve been corrupted. Interestingly, a negative, corrupt Bone Charm can be created by you without even noticing. Don’t be afraid to part with certain Bone Charms you have no use for, as this will grant you Raw Whalebone, which is used to craft more Bone Charms.

In order to craft Bone Charms, you need to activate the necessary Ability. Abilities are purchased with Runes, which can be found throughout the world and at Outsider Shrines. While you won’t be able to unlock every Ability in your first playthrough, unlocking the Bone Charm crafting ability is an absolute necessity.

Bone Charm Crafting Ability

Go to the Powers menu, and you should see the Bone Charm Crafting ability ready to learn.

Cost: 1 Rune

Bone Charm Crafting Secondary Traits

Trait Synergy

  • Cost: 3
  • Effect: This allows you to use the same trait up to four times.


Witch Crafting

  • Cost: 2
  • Effect: This trait significantly lowers the chance of creating a corrupted Bone Charm. If your Bone Charm is corrupted, it can have negative effects.
  • Tip: Combine with Trait Synergy for particularly powerful Bone Charms.


Master Crafting

  • Cost: 2
  • Effect: This trait makes it so any Bone Charm with three traits has no chance of being corrupted.


Craft Runes

  • Cost: 4
  • Effect: This trait allows you to convert Runes into Raw Whalebone , and vice-vera.
  • Tip: Around the half-way point of the game, you’ll notice you have a large surplus of both Runes and Raw Whalebone. Whatever you have a large excess of, convert it into the other resource. Then, use this new surplus to build the necessary Bone Charm.
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