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Hitman Season 2 on the cards after successful first season

IO Interactive’s contentious approach to its six-episode Hitman season appears to have worked wonders for the studio and publisher Squad Enix.

The folks behind one of the more unique and divisive release plans said a few months ago that one or two more Hitman seasons could come in the near future, depending on how well season one went.

As it turns out, Squad Enix is satisfied with the game’s commercial performance, and season two is on the way.

Speaking with Gamergen, production director Hakan Abrak confirmed that the team had started work on a second season. The below is a translation using good ol’ Google Translate, but it’s pretty clear what he’s trying to say.

“Yes, there is a second season,” Abrak said. He explained the IO Interactive was moving towards a “high-fidelity sandbox”, in which players can roam freely and come up with unique and creative ways to complete an objective.

Interestingly, while some new cities are expected to be introduced, Abrak hinted that some locations from the first season could see a return. New Elusive Targets are also planned.

“For the first time in the history of Hitman, we do not kill everyone [at the end],” he continue. “Normally everyone dies except Diana, but not this time. So a base is built, a Hitman in which [we] created deep characters that we will develop for future seasons as well. A bit like a TV series, we can draw a parallel which depends on characters we have followed since and during the previous seasons. Some will come to their end, and we will follow other for a long time.” 

Hitman: The Complete First Season is scheduled for release in January.

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