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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare – How to earn the ‘Peace to the fallen’ Achievement

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare sees the annual franchise blast off into space, and the campaign is just as “Michael Bay in space” as you’d imagine. It’s no less linear than other Call Of Duty entries, but it’s at least ambitious in the way it tries to tell a story, and in the places in takes you.

The campaign has your stock-standard Achievements/Trophies, most of which are related to simply completing missions or finding unique collectibles.

One Achievement in particular, however, has gamers scratching their heads. The “Peace To The Fallen” Achievement tasks players with “Listening to all of the death letters of the fallen”. It’s a Silver trophy on PS4, and worth 30 Gamerscore on Xbox One, so there’s quite a bit at stake here.

The only problem is that these “death letters of the fallen” are no where to be found in the main campaign: so what gives?

If you bother looking for them during the campaign missions, you’ll be wasting your time. That said, these “letters” are very easy to miss.

As it turns out, the Death Letters Of The Fallen can only be unlocked and accessed once you’ve completed the main missions. When you do that, the credits will roll, and eight images will appear to the sides of the scrolling text. They’ll each have a button mapped to them, which will initiate a recording. You’ll have as much time as the credits take to roll, so get through them as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have to sit through the credits again by selecting them from the main menu.

Listen to all eight recordings, and you’ll land that illusive Silver Trophy/30 GS. Simple as that!


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