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Steven Seagal is now a playable character in World Of Warships

The Steven Seagal (I just realised his surname had “sea” in it), was the “so bad he’s good” actor of ’90s action flicks. He came just as Chuck Norris left the planet on an intergalactic pilgrimage, happily taking the mantle as popcorn-flick deity back on Earth.

He’s been MIA for the past few years, appearing in a handful of direct-to-DVD/digital movies, TV series, and the like, and not quite having the same influence over a generation of youth as he did over the Blockbuster rental audience of the 20th century.

Nonetheless, he’s still very well-known and respected by the industry and fans alike, so it’s no surprise that Wargaming has turned him into a bonafide (not really) World Of Warships fanatic. I can’t help but ignore the fact that Seagal is the face of World Of Warships. Hilarious. It’s like the ’90s never ended.

On top of appearing in a pretty funny ad (which you can watch above), he’s also a playable character in the game. Players can earn him as an in-game Commander for their vessel. Lasting from November 1 until December 14, the event has all players Level 10 and above trying to amass 70,000 XP in Random, Ranked, Team, or Co-Op battles. Hit that benchmark and Seagal will come aboard!

It’s not quite Arnold-in-random-Facebook-mobile-game-ads facepalm, but it’s close. Although it’s pretty awesome that you can play as him in the game.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

I wonder if someone will make his ship "Under Siege".

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