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Dragon Quest Builders shields crafting guide

You’ve got your armor, and of course your trusty weapon by your side, but if you’re really going to defend and rebuild this land, you need a strong shield to protect you in battle!

Our Dragon Quest Builders shields crafting guide has everything you need to build a long-lasting and strong shield, including what materials you need to craft, where you can craft, and how much Defense each specific shield offers.

Be sure to check out our other Dragon Quest Builders guides. We have you covered, from a recipes guide, which takes you through the Story Mode, to our weapons crafting guide, armor crafting guide, and of course our accessories crafting guide.

Our guides are written to ensure you’re as well prepared heading into the game as possible. If you have any tips yourself, be sure to sign up post a comment below the article!


Leather Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Mason’s workstation, sewing station
  • Materials Required To Craft: Fur (x2), wood
  • Details: Defense +2

Iron Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Forge, furnace
  • Materials Required To Craft: Iron ingot, wood
  • Details: Defense +5

Steel Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Furnace
  • Materials Required To Craft: Steel ingot, wood
  • Details: Defense +10

Magic Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Welder’s workbench
  • Materials Required To Craft: Magic ingot, wood
  • Details: Defense +10. Indirect attack damage reduced

Silver Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Sewing station
  • Materials Required To Craft: Liquid silver (x10), sapphire, wood
  • Details: Defense +13

Hero’s Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Furnace
  • Materials Required To Craft: Zenithium (x2), ruby, gold, steel ingot (x2), wood (x2)
  • Details: Defense +16

Thanatos’ Shield

  • Crafting Stations: Forbidden altar
  • Materials Required To Craft: Orichalcum, silvery sludge, septic shrub, huge horn (x2)
  • Details: Defense +16.
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