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Castlevania remake made in Unreal Engine 4

A fan-made remake of the original Castlevania in Unreal Engine 4 is now available for download.

p>Created by Dejawolfs, the remake has been generating heaps of attention since it was first unveiled back in March. They’ve been working on it for almost a year, and the first version gives us an insight into just how much time and effort is being put into the project.

Nervously, we hope Konami doesn’t send the creator a C&D letter to remove the project. Aside from the name, everything about the game seems unique.

The most amazing thing about the project is that it keeps the original’s sidescrolling, 2D design, but obviously with the added boost in graphical realism thanks to Unreal.

Check out some gameplay footage of the project below, and download it here.




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