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Half-Life VR? We can only hope

It could very well be the VR game that defines the technology: reports are swirling that Half-Life VR is in the works.

Discovered by Valve News Network, the Steam VR app Destinations has files called “HL:VR” hidden within the code.

Destinations is an app that allows users to explore real as well as virtual places with their friends. Valve updates it often with new locations, and the latest update, released on September 26, had the intriguing code buried within it.

Some are suggesting that these files appear to be left over from assets used in Half-Life VR experimentations. However, more crafty investigators claim that the original string of code has been completely replaced by this newly-discovered Half-Life VR code, suggesting there has been progress on the game’s development since those initial experimentations.

There’s more: a DOTA 2 update from a few days ago includes code that read, “used to force the HL:VR to speak”. What’s interesting about that is that Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman has never uttered a word in his life, so this title, if it exists, may be a spin-off of the original Half-Life.

Valve’s HTC Vive would obviously be the number one place for any Valve-developed VR experience, particularly for past titles in the studio’s catalogue.

Have a watch of the video yourself and tell us below what you think.



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