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The ‘impossible’ Super Mario Bros speedrun record has been broken

Speedrunners the world over have been at war over Super Mario Bros. bragging rights.

Since late 2013, the world record for fastest completion time has been broken five times, four of those times since April of this year, and three within the past week.

It now seems that we have a record that will stand for a while.

Darbian broke the 2013 record of 4:58 back in April by clocking a time of 4:57.427. That was broken last weekend by Kosmic, who got in at 4:57.244. Kosmic broke his own record a few days later, only for Darbian to step back into the ring and achieve what he claims to be “impossible” by human players.

“This is the first 4:56 achieved by a human, a time that was considered nearly impossible just a few weeks ago,” Darbian said.

Check out his blistering run below: he also has a heart-rate monitor set up, with his bpm peaking at 140 towards the end.



Now, it’s pretty obvious that this was a difficult task, but we all know someone, somewhere will break it again. Still, well down to Darbian for breaking the record…and for making such an entertaining run.


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Well that's a lot further in Super Mario than I've ever seen by myself haha.


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

It all seems so easy.  :)


Master Fenix

Tuesday 11th of October 2016

I'm absolutely certain he's playing with exploits :p

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