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Introducing the gaming controller that is so crazy it might actually work

As far as whacky inventions go from a gaming perspective, this is pretty much right up there.

Some crafty Russian gamers have designed the craziest video game controller ever, something that looks like a console controller and keyboard-mouse hybrid.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what they were going for.


Xbox and PlayStation haven’t really changed the way gamers approach and use controllers, although the likes of the Xbox One Elite controller aim to improve accuracy and customisability for console gamers.

This controller takes the extra step to offer the comfort of a console controller with the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard.

The duo, which you can follow on YouTube, call their design the “R-Handle”, which sounds a little like a sex position but is also somewhat fitting in this case considering the look of their invention.


They are apparently looking for crowdfunding options to manufacture and sell the R-Handle, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. In the mean time, check out below the R-Handle being used to play DOOM.


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