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NBA 2K17 Badges Guide – Unlock every single badge

The NBA 2K series is defined by My Career, and NBA 2K17 is no exception. The drama of the rags-to-riches climb from street ball chump to NBA star has continued to evolve and grow over the years, and this year’s game has plenty of great new features to help improve your MyPlayer.

One of those additions is to the series’ badges system. These badges act a bit like bragging rights: you unlock badges by completing set tasks, and once they’re unlocked, they have hugely beneficial effects on your created player.

In this guide, we take you through each and every NBA 2K17 badge, and how to get them. Badges are defined by Personality and Skill, which, as you might expect, influence how your player responds and reacts in certain situations.

These badges are broken up into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Hall Of Fame and Grand Badges.

NBA 2K17 Badges

  • Outside Scoring
  • Inside Scoring
  • Athleticism
  • Playmaking
  • Rebounding
  • Defense

Badges are broken up across these categories, and can be upgraded to higher tiers once you earn the bronze tier using your VC (virtual credit).

Here’s the full list, and how you earn them.

Skill Badges | Personality Badges


Skill Badges

Inside Scorer | Outside Scorer | Playmaker | Athleticism | Rebounding | Defense

Inside Scorer


  • Causes: Attempt difficult shot, change shot in air
  • How To Get: In one season, do 15 reverse layups and 4 change-shot layups

Tear Dropper

  • Causes: Improve floaters and runners
  • How To Get: In one season, make 50 floaters

Putback King

  • Causes: Improves offensive awareness around basketball after offensive rebound
  • How To Get: Score multiple putbacks

Pick and Roller

  • Causes: Improves offensive awareness of the roller during a pick-and-roll
  • How To Get: Call for and execute 100 picks-and-rolls in a season

Relentless Finisher

  • Causes: Physical hits on contact shot won’t impact energy as much
  • How To Get: Attempt 75 contact layups and/or dunks

Post Spin Technician

  • Causes: Dominate in the post
  • How To Get: Spin or drive out of post 100 times in one season


  • Causes: Improves drop-step in the post
  • How To Get: Execute 30 drop step moves

Dream-Like Up and Under

  • Causes: Improve scoring in the post from up and under move
  • How To Get: Attempt 50 up and under shots in a single season

Outside Scorer

Corner Specialist

  • Causes: Improve 3pt shotting from corner
  • How To Get: Hit 25 3pt shots in a single season

Mid-Range Deadeye

  • Causes: Improves shooting percentage of shots at medium-range
  • How To Get: Hit 150-200 shots from within the pain from the elbow when the shot is being contested

Deep Range Deadeye

  • Causes: Improve deep range shot percentage
  • How To Get: Hit 100 deep range shots while the shot is being contested

Limitless Range

  • Causes: Improves deep three percentage
  • How To Get: Hit 50 long range shots from before the hashmark

Difficult Shots

  • Causes: Improves tough shots off dribble percentage
  • How To Get: Hit 100-200 pull and hop shots that are contested

Pick & Popper

  • Causes: Improves pick and pop receiving capacity
  • How To Get: Score 200 times as the pick and pop man

Tireless Scorer

  • Causes: Improves effectiveness when shooting even when energy is being spent in high capacity
  • How To Get: Make 200 shot attempts while energy bar is blinking red

Catch & Shoot

  • Causes: Improves percentage of stand-still shots off the catch
  • How To Get: Make 100 scores in a single season from catching and shooting


Ankle Breaker

  • Causes: Ankle break an opponent while executing dribbling moves
  • How To Get: Land 200 “double move leading to a score” in a single season

Flashy Passer

  • Causes: Improves passing to receivers
  • How To Get: Execute 50 flashy passes in one season

Break Starter

  • Causes: Execute accurate outlet passes after starting a fastbreak
  • How To Get: Grab a defensive rebound and then throw a successful outlet pass to a teammate in transition 50 times in one season

Pick & Roll Maestro

  • Causes: Improves accuracy of passes and shooting off screens when initiating a pick and roll
  • How To Get: In one season, call for 150 screens

Lob City Passer

  • Causes: Improves accuracy of alley-oop passes
  • How To Get: Execute 100 alley-oops in a single season


  • Causes: Player becomes an elite passer and is more likely to hit a player in the right position to score
  • How To Get: Dish out 300 assists in a single season

On Court Coach

  • Causes: Allows you to call plays with any player (not just PGs)
  • How To Get: You must get the assist on a made basket after forcing an AI-controlled teammate to shoot. To do this, pass the ball to an AI teammate, and then hold down the shoot button. To unlock the badge, you will need to pull this assist off around 100 times.


Lob City Finisher

  • Causes: Slams home an alley-oop with more accuracy
  • How To Get: Make 15 successful lobs, layups or dunks in a single season


  • Causes: Dunk at a higher rate with more accuracy over defenders
  • How To Get: Make 15 contact dunks in a single season


  • Causes: Your player’s physicality will drain the direct opponent’s energy
  • How To Get: N/A

Brick Wall

  • Causes: More likely to set an effective screen
  • How To Get: Execute 100 screens in a single season

One Man Fast Break

  • Causes: You are more efficient, faster and offensively aware on the fast break
  • How To Get: During a single season, score 100 times on a fast break

In addition to the badges in the game, you can also choose custom metal pins in real
life and print your favorite star on them, whether it is Kobe or James, or you can
choose the size and color of the badges. This is very interesting.


Hustle Rebounder

  • Causes: Improves aggressiveness to chase rebounds
  • How To Get: Grab down 70 offensive and 250 defensive rebounds


Defensive Stopper

  • Causes: Decreases effectiveness of offensive skills of defensive match-up
  • How To Get: Land multiple “good shot defense”, “good transition defense” and “stop fastbreak” teammate grades

Charge Card

  • Causes: More effective at taking the charge
  • How To Get: Take seven charges

Pick Dodger

  • Causes: Improve ability to get around screens
  • How To Get: Use turbo to fight through screens. Do this until you unlock the badge.

Pick Pocket

  • Causes: Improve ability to steal from ball handler
  • How To Get: Cause a loose ball 50 times

Rim Protector

  • Causes: Improves defensive awareness around the rim

Chase Down Artist

  • Causes: Improves ability to get back on defense in transition and stop the fast break

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Carlos Poppa Groove Cesar

Saturday 4th of March 2017

Quick question I have a post scoring center can I still get hustling rebound badge?


Friday 13th of January 2017

There is a "Top Dog" badge I just unlocked last night too which I don't think is on the list.

James Voufo Safor

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Also, I hate adding in more work for you but what about One Man Fastbreak

James Voufo Safor

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Thanks bruh, i'll try it out!

James Voufo Safor

Sunday 1st of January 2017

Thanks for this article, it's really helpful.

BTW, you can add "On Court Couch"?

Thank You again [wink]

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