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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare weapon crafting system explained, more than 80 craftable weapons

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s weapon progression system is a pretty significant shift away from what we’re used to in the series.

While the base weapon crafting system will be similar to past mechanics, allowing players to mix loot combinations and make a seemingly endless number of weapon combinations, there is a new currency called “Salvage”, which players will need in order to purchase weapons and add-on. Salvage is earned simply by playing the game (so far that’s all we know).

Each and every weapon in Infinite Warfare will come under one of four tiers: common, rare, legendary and epic. The more rare the weapon, the more lucrative and powerful the perks and add-ons for the weapon will be.

Infinite Warfare multiplayer project director, Jordan Hirsch, went into a bit more detail while speaking with PlayStation Lifestyle.

“The crafting system is really actually pretty simple. While you play the game, you’re earning salvage, which is the crafting currency. So you’ll play the game. If you win, you’ll get a little bit more. It’s mostly tied to the amount of time you’ve played,” Hirsch explained. “You’ll get that crafting currency, and then you’ll go into our armory, which will have a list of all of the base weapons, and all of the rare prototype weapons. So you can select the weapon you want to craft, hit a button, and craft it. (More rare weapons) will take more crafting currency to unlock.”

There’s “a little over 80 weapons” in the crafting system according to Hirsch.

Call Of Duty developers are constantly looking for ways to evolve the weapon crafting and upgrading system, and this seems like a slight change to Black Ops 3’s black market system. What are your thoughts?

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