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PS4 Elite Controller spotted online

Target US has a new PlayStation 4 “Elite” controller for sale, and it’s hard not to see the similarities between it and the Xbox One’s Elite controller.

In fact, aside from the obvious differences in shape and button placement between the two controllers, the design is almost identical.

The fact this so-called “elite” controller looks so similar to the Xbox One’s Elite suggests this isn’t an official PlayStation controller. Its low-price point also makes it unlikely to be official, but Sony has surprised has many times before.

The website page says the controller has interchangeable paddles, joysticks, and D-pads, along with Bluetooth control functionality, rubber housing, and more. It is also “compatible with the Xbox One paddles”, suggesting many of the changeable parts on the Xbox controller can be used on this controller.

It’s scheduled for release on November 1 for US$79.99.




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