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NBA 2K17 MyGM wishlist and features: New expansion league options

NBA 2K17 is making big changes to MyGM and MyLeague. Two of the most played modes in 2K Sports’ acclaimed NBA franchise is getting expanded even more with this year’s entry, which is shocking considering how insane the league and team customisation options were in NBA 2K16.

Before I cover what we already know about MyGM and MyLeague in NBA 2K17 (there’s been some crazy revelations recently), I’ve put together a wishlist of features I hope to eventually see get added in the mode, or changes I hope to see implemented.

NBA 2K17 MyGM wishlist

  • MyGM/MyLeague coinciding with the real NBA season

One thing I loved about past NBA 2K games was the ability to start a MyGM or MyLeague match at any point during the real NBA season, and for your game to start at that specific point with real rosters. The appeal of this was that you could pick a team that was travelling poorly in the real NBA, and start at that exact point in the game. The challenge of turning things around and getting the team into the playoffs was something I really embraced, and I’m not quite sure why this was removed from NBA 2K16. I think the last time we saw it was NBA 2K15.

UPDATE: This has been confirmed for NBA 2K17. Read the “NBA 2K17 MyGM features” section below.

One of the best new features in NBA 2K16 was the ability to rebrand and relocate a team of your choosing. I’d love to be able to start a team from scratch, and be able to download community-made teams. If they’re going to add this, it needs to be the whole nine yards: expansion draft, full control over branding and court design. Everything.

  • Add the D-League

The D-League should be a fundamental part of the team building process. It was in past games but for whatever reason was removed, perhaps due to lack of development time or maybe licensing. Being able to send players back to the D-League to improve their skills, or to be able to recruit players from the D-League would be extremely beneficial for both MyGM and MyLeague. When drafting players, most second-round picks fall in the 50-60 overall rating, and are generally finished within 3-4 seasons at the most. These players should be developed over time, as sometimes in the actual NBA we see real gems come out of the minor leagues.

  • Improve 10-day contracts

More often than not, players won’t agree to 10-day contracts. If the D-League is ever going to be added back in, and it should be, then it would be great to be able to test out rising stars from the minors with a 10-day contract. Even without the D-League, actually getting players to agree to them is really tough, regardless of their rating. I hope to see this improved.

  • Improve overall player development

When you draft a rookie, they are given a potential peak rating. This rating is almost always reached, so it’s almost too easy to be able to pick a potential star. Perhaps a broader range would highlight more of a risk for certain players. While knowing what my rookie is going to be rated in three years is useful, it also devalues and undermines the whole team building and development philosophy of the mode.

  • Improve simulation

This is an issue that has been plaguing basketball sims since the NBA Live peak days of the late 1990s. Simply put, powerhouse teams that dominate during the season are too often knocked out in the first or second round of the playoffs. I understand that there is always the occasional breakdown and upset, but I don’t want to see a 60+ win team get knocked out in the first round by a team with 42 wins, and I especially don’t want to see it happen more than once or twice in a five-year period. Further to this, simulation just doesn’t seem to accurately represent real-life statistics. In a MyGM I started recently in NBA 2K16, the Sixers notched 32 wins in the first season. With their roster that just isn’t possible. The Spurs struggled to crack 50, while the Bulls notched 62. Come on now.

  • Protected draft picks

This is really important. All too often I see two poor teams trade players and picks, only for one of those teams to end up with two high first-round picks because the other team’s pick wasn’t protected. When trading picks, I hope that a feature is added whereby you can select to “protect” the pick should you finish below a certain rank.

  • Enhance the business realism

In one MyGM game I played with the Brooklyn Nets, my team was struggling through a 14-win season with $90 tickets and almost full attendance every night. That just doesn’t quite make sense to me, particularly when they’re playing low-drawing sides like the Bucks, Kings, Magic or Sixers.


NBA 2K17 MyGM features

Here’s what we know about NBA 2K17’s new additions so far.

MyGM/MyLeague League Expansion

  • League can be expanded to up to 36 teams
  • NBA 2K17 comes with 10 pre-made teams
  • You’ll be able to download rosters and branded franchises from the community
  • You’ll be able to expand the league from a host of different leagues and custom-made teams, including Expansion Teams, Edited/Rebranded NBA Teams, Classic Teams, and Euroleague Teams
  • There will be an expansion draft
  • The league may vote for expansion, meaning expansion teams could be added to your league dynamically, even if you’re not running them


  • Scheduling has been improved to accompany more than three relocated teams, and expansion teams.
  • Scheduling will create a ledger of games for leagues with 30-36 teams


  • Draft lottery formula will adjust automatically depending on the amount of teams

What new features and improvements would you like to see added to NBA 2K16 MyGM and MyLeague? Sound off in the comments below!

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