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Modern Warfare Remastered makes a nine-year-old game look modern

It’s been almost nice years since Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare graced our consoles. The game that kicked off a franchise and helped redefine the multiplayer shooter is ageless, perhaps one of a few games that manage to age so well across generations.

There’s only a handful of games that could get that “remaster” treatment where the visuals are touched up but the gameplay is untouched. Gears Of War is one, getting arguably one of the better touch-ups we’ve seen. The likes of Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us stand out less because they were released so late last generation, whereas CoD4 and Gears were early in that console run.

Call Of Duty 4’s campaign still stands up. It doesn’t rely on obnoxious wall-jumping or outrageous space walking: it stays grounded, instead relying on great pacing, tense moments and strong characters.


The latest gameplay trailer, which showcases the game’s brilliant first mission, shows how the game’s visuals have changed. Thankfully, we’re getting the same great core gameplay that defined the original as an all-time classic.



Tuesday 19th of July 2016

I thought that the graphics in COD4 were pretty good, especially with good PC hardware but its been a few years since I've actually played it now. I will definitely get the remastered for the multiplayer.

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