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Spider-Man PS4 to offer ‘truly amazing things’

I’m pretty psyched about Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man exclusive for PlayStation 4. The E3 reveal trailer was all kinds of awesome (check it out below), and I’m confident that it will turn out to be one of this generation’s most important exclusives.

My reasoning for that is pretty shallow beyond the fact the trailer looked great and Insomniac has a fairly good track record. Its latest outing, Ratchet and Clank, needs no introduction, while Sunset Overdrive was a solid open-world experience, even though I felt it relied too heavily on the obnoxious humour that the Borderlands of the world have been drowning us in for far too long. Fuse is best forgotten, but apart from that, the portfolio is strong.

Insomniac seems pretty confident in its own abilities, too. Taking to Reddit for an AMA, Insomniac Games chief creative officer, Brian Hastings, described how the team felt when it found out it was working on one of the most lucrative licenses in entertainment, and exclusively for the PS4 to boot.



“One word: AMAZING,” he said. “Our team is working very hard on it right now and is creating truly amazing things. But I can’t give out any specific dates about future announcements at the moment.”

It’s a shame that we’re not getting more in the way of details and gameplay features, although I suspect we’ll hear more out of Paris Games Week in October (or possibly out of Gamescom next month).

The good news is that we won’t have to wait quite as long as some media outlets have been reporting. Insomniac responded to a fan on Twitter, who quipped that they didn’t want to get excited for something that they had to wait two years for.

“Who said it was 2 years away? Just stay tuned,” the studio said in response. “We’re still working on it and can narrow it down closer. We’d rather give a release date when we’re confident in it, versus telling you one we aren’t sure about yet.”

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