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Watch Dogs 2 can be completed without killing any NPCs

Ubisoft is offering a non-lethal approach to beating up NPCs in its new open-world game.

Watch Dogs 2 will introduce a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, who is described as a “brilliant young hacker who has fallen victim to ctOS 2.0’s predictive algorithms and is accused of a crime he did not commit.”

Senior producer Dominic Guay has revealed interesting new tidbits about the game, telling Aus Gamers that there is a non-lethal path to take.

“In Watch_Dogs 1 if you didn’t want to play lethally it would become a problem at some point, but in Watch_Dogs 2 we tried to move away from that,” Guay explained. “If you still want to go full aggressive that’s your choice, but we also wanted to give players another viable option in non-lethal, so we added tasers, we added more hacking abilities and at some point we thought wow, that’s too powerful, but in a sense it’s not — let’s create that problem where we’re giving very powerful hacking abilities to the player and then balance them out afterwards. But we’re also not shifting away from a more combat approach if that’s how you want to play.

“The character Marcus, you’re right to say he’s not really a character who goes and shoots everybody, but the player can make the decision between how Marcus would play and how the player wants to play.”

Here’s everything  we know about Watch Dogs 2 so far.

The Setting

Watch Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco. Holloway will visit the neighbourhoods of Oakland and Silicon Valley, to name a few.

The Characters

Marcus Holloway is a welcomed change on the main character front. One of the main criticisms of the first Watch Dogs was how unlikeable Aiden Pearce was, so with Holloway we get a fresh start. Holloway will be joined by the San Francisco cell of DedSec.

watch dogs 2

The Bad Guys

So we know that from the first game, Aiden Pearce was able to shut down the entire ctOS system before Blume rebooted it and quadrupled the work before relaunching it from Silicon Valley. While the first Watch Dogs was a battle against the government, Holloway will have to also battle against corporations who are tracking the lives of millions of citizens across the globe.

watch dogs 2

Hacking Has Changed

Watch Dogs 2 promised to “empower you with even greater control and possibilities” with your hacking abilities. Every character, vehicle and piece of electronics will be hackable. Players will also have an RC car and drone and their disposal, opening the world up to a whole new realm of hacking possibilities.


How The World Interacts With You

We know a few minor tidbits about how the game world interacts with you and what Holloway does in the game world. For one, there are no more pesky towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Arena will also be unlocked from the get-go so that you can start your adventure and explore the world in full. Ubisoft says it wants every action in the game to feel “meaningful”, and so every single interaction Holloway has with other characters in the world will influence his progression.

watch dogs 2

Release Date & Platforms

Watch Dogs 2 will launch in November on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.





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