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LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens 3DS Trophies List

Become one with The Force and take down the Dark Side with this LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens 3DS Trophy list guide.
These trophies can be unlocked as you play through the game on your Nintendo 3DS. These are not trophies for the PlayStation version of the game.


 LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens 3DS Trophies List guide

Trophy Name How To Unlock Trophy
…It Is Found Collect all collectibles in the hub. Silver
…What was the Second Time? Complete Chapter 4. Bronze
Less than 12 Parsecs Use a Microfighter in each Hub. Bronze
A bag full of explosives Complete Chapter 8. Bronze
A big deal in the Resistance Complete all the Hub Missions. Bronze
It’s True. All of it… Complete The Battle of Endor. Bronze
Classic gamer Play all the retro arcade games found in the hub levels. Bronze
Classified? Me too Complete Chapter 2. Bronze
Credit Check Collect 50,000,000 LEGO studs Gold
Cryptosurgeon Create a custom character Bronze
Don’t get cocky! Defeat 100 TIE fighters Bronze
Don’t let these dogs scare you Complete chapter 6 Bronze
Eyes of a man who wants to run Complete chapter 5 Bronze
Family Reuniong Have Kylo Ren and han Solo in the same party. Bronze
Going the distance Complete the bonus level. Bronze
Quick on the draw In a blaster battle, have Han defeat a character who is preparing an attack. Bronze
Hope is not lost Today… Collect all collectible in the Story Level and Bonus Level. Silver
I can fly anything Collect all Minikits in the game. Silver
I like that Wookiee… Complete a Free Play level playing as Maz and Chewbacca. Bronze
I’ll come back for you! Complete chapter 1. Bronze
I’m getting pretty good at this! Get a gold medal in a Blaster Battle. Bronze
Is there a garbage chute? Complete chapter 7 Bronze
It’s a trap! Complete Ottegan Assault. Bronze
Just a Scavenger Collect a Minikit Silver
Just Improvise Complete 25 Multi-Builds Bronze
Never be as strong as Vader Defat Kylo Ren as Darth Vader Bronze
Never tell me the odds Complete Poe to the Rescue Bronze
Not the droid you’re looking for Use the wrong type of droid on an access panel. Silver
Red Leader Collect all Red Bricks. Bronze
Speechless Complete the Epilogue. Bronze
STOP … Kylo Time Use Force Freeze as Kylo Ren. Bronze
Stormtrooper Syndrome Miss your target 10 times in a Blaster Battle. Bronze
It belongs to me! Complete chapter 9. Bronze
Hey! That’s Miiiiiine! Play as Unkar Plutt on the Millennium Falcon. Bronze
That’s not junk Collect a Minikit Collection. Silver
That’s not how the Force works Enable the Red Brick – Collectible Detector Bronze
The Force is strong with this one Achieve 100% Complete Gold
The Force, It’s call to You Obtain “True Jedi” in any level. Bronze
The garbage will do Complete chapter 3. Bronze
The new Jedi will rise Obtain “True Jedi” on all levels. Silver
There has been an awakening Complete The Force Awakens. Gold
They’re shooting at both of us! Complete a Blaster Battle. Bronze
Used to have a bigger crew Complete Rathtar Hunting. Bronze
We need more troops! Defeat 50 stormtroopers. Bronze
We’re figure it out. We’ll use the Force. Defeat ten enemies as a Jedi by deflecting fire back at them. Bronze
Unlearn what you have learned. Rebuild a Multi-Build. Bronze
The Force Awakens Unlock all Trophies. Platinum
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