Is Sony working on a PS4 DualShock Elite controller? Is Sony working on a PS4 DualShock Elite controller?
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It might be trouncing the competition in overall hardware sales, but the PlayStation 4 has lagged behind the Xbox in the controller stakes this generation. That could soon change.

The Xbox One controller, great in its own right, was spectacularly upgraded into the Xbox One Elite controller, which is arguably the greatest video game controller ever released. Created with competitive gaming in mind, Microsoft continued its investment in the professional circuit with a fantastic controller that even had non-competitive gamers on board.

Sony could be looking to offer its own Elite controller, with a newly revealed patent suggesting the technology giant is working on a new version of the DualShock 4.

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Spotted by NeoGAF user Kyoufu, the patent shows grip buttons on the DualShock similar to the paddles on the Elite Controller. The Option and Share buttons have also been moved to under the face buttons and the D-pad, which is encouraging because for big-handed people like myself, press either of those buttons was an effort in frustration.

Check out the patented design below.

dualshock 4 elite

It’s unclear what Sony’s intentions are with this design, whether it is a planned Elite-like controller or if it’s just a brainstorming idea patented for the sake of it (which is not uncommon).

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  • Leasha

    June 22, 2016 #1 Author

    Buttons towards the bottom of the controller, perhaps for ring fingers- I doubt my fingers would reach :(