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Overwatch balance patch coming this week: Blizzard held back updates to focus on ‘stable launch’

With the impending release of competitive mode coming later this month, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated only hours ago that a balance patch would be coming later this week to solve some outlying issues.

With characters Widowmaker and McCree named in his post, Kaplan and the dev team seem to have taken player feedback into consideration and weighed their best options, instead of liberally patching as other games do.

As to what exactly they will be nerfing, we only have vague comments from Kaplan to go on. It’s a good bet we’ll see McCree’s Fan the Hammer nerfed, and a possible nerf to Widowmaker’s manoeuvrability.

In defence of their conservative balance approach post-Overwatch launch Kaplan had this to say:

“We haven’t patched content or balance because we are trying to have a stable launch window, with as few variables as possible”

Luckily, those who are dedicating hours a day to Overwatch still have lots to look forward to with impending content releases and regular patching

“In general, you can expect content patches, balance patches and minor bug fix patches to happen regularly now that we’re clearing the launch window,” he said.

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