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Rainbow Six Siege: Starter Edition details

In a bid to increase its player base, Ubisoft is selling Rainbow Six Siege for $15 (roughly $20AU).

This deal is only available until June 19 and is available exclusively on PC, so pick it up now before it’s too late.

The “Starter Edition” is a cheaper alternative to the full game, and changes the way you unlock operators (classes).

When you launch the game you get two operators for free from a pool of 6 operators (Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute and Smoke). Players will automatically get an operator from the the attacker team and one for the defense team.

To unlock more operators you’ll still need to grind in order to earn enough “Renown” to be able to buy them. Each operator is worth 12,500 Renown in the starter edition whereas in the Standard edition you can buy them for a easy 500-2000 renown. You earn roughly 200-400 renown per game depending on if you win and how well you did personally.

Currently, you can buy multiple operators at the sale price of 6,000 Renown. Ubisoft has stated that it takes around 15 hours to earn enough Renown to unlock an operator on the Starter Edition compared to 0.5-2 hours in the standard edition, so choose wisely when unlocking.

You also receive 600 R6 Credits, which alone are valued $5. With these credits you can buy two normal operators or a single DLC operator.

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