Like the proud parent of a spelling bee winner, Microsoft parades Cuphead’s insane gameplay with confidence Like the proud parent of a spelling bee winner, Microsoft parades Cuphead’s insane gameplay with confidence
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The newest gameplay trailer for Cuphead takes what already looked like an intense experience to unprecedented levels of insanity.



I have watched this trailer multiple times and I am in awe of how enthralling the game looks. Cuphead has been an intriguing project from the moment it was announced at E3 2014, and what was originally thought to be a run-and-gun boss-rush game now has platforming. My interest levels were already through the roof, primarily due to Cuphead‘s mesmerising 1930s-era animation aesthetic, but after this trailer I find myself clamouring for something more than just a “2016” release window.

Developed by Canadian brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, who form Studio MDHR, Cuphead was originally marketed as a continuous stream of boss battles, which alone set pretty high standards after a number of intense action-packed gameplay trailers. But this new platforming trailer changes everything. A bit like a horror movie I know will scare the bejeezus out of me but I watch anyway because I’m a sucker for punishment, Cuphead is too terrifying to look away from.

It’s become somewhat of an E3 staple. Microsoft has shown it during its past two E3 press conference, parading it around like the proud parent of a spelling bee winner.

Rightfully so: I think Microsoft is onto a winner. This Xbox One and PC exclusive seems to have the makings of a cult classic, a status Tembo The Badass Elephant couldn’t quite achieve.

What I really love about this latest Cuphead trailer is how it showcases the experience with fierce confidence. It’s insane. I can’t think of any recent 2D platformers that marry the platforming of Super Mario Bros. with the action gameplay of Mega Man, and showcase it in a way that makes it look obnoxious and and equal-part inviting. The boss battles we’ve been seeing over the past two years presented what looked to be a pretty stiff challenge, which attracted hardcore fans of the genre. It also makes sense that the game was delayed beyond its initial 2015 release window. There were no hints as to platforming elements, and the game was actively marketed as a boss-rush game. It’s definitely for the better: if the levels are designed in a way to match the aesthetic of the bosses — which, according to this trailer and the boss battles we’ve seen so far, they are — then I can see Cuphead being as visually gripping as it is frustratingly addictive.

Cuphead is due for release in 2016 on Xbox One and PC

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  • Barters81

    June 12, 2016 #1 Author

    I agree….looks fantastic.

    This very may well entice me to get one of those fancy pants new Xbones when they drop. Actually…yes, yes it will.

  • whaling

    June 14, 2016 #2 Author

    The aesthetic alone sold me on this game when I first saw it, but I am worried that the gameplay won’t be very inventive or engaging. It’d be a great shame for something so stylistically unique to be let down by lackluster gameplay.