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Battlefield 1 campaign: DICE taking a ‘different approach’

Battlefield campaigns have often taken a backseat to multiplayer, but Battlefield 1 developer DICE is taking a different approach with the upcoming shooter’s story.


Recent Battlefield entries have lacked urgency and inspiration on the campaign from. However, last year’s Battlefield Hardline, which was developed by Visceral while Battlefield stalwart DICE focused on Star Wars Battlefront, is arguably the best campaign to come out of the franchise in years. It’s clear that DICE is under pressure to reach the heights of that title.

With Battlefield 1 taking a step away from the modern or futuristic setting all-too-often focused upon by modern shooters, there’s no better time for DICE to hone in on the game’s campaign in a effort to reinvigorate that part of the experience.

The studio knows this, and as such is taking a “different approach” to Battlefield 1‘s campaign.

“There are a lot of new people working on the single player, who were frankly recruited for that specifically, from very experienced teams around the world,” EA boss Patrick Soderlund told IBT

We know very little at this stage about Battlefield 1‘s campaign, although DICE has commended on how it’s a passion project for the studio.

Encouragingly, Soderlund said that with Hardline‘s split development between Visceral on the campaign and DICE on multiplayer, the studio has had the time necessary to focus on areas it would otherwise not have had the ability to.

“There was a lot in there and that’s a credit to the longer lead-time. Anyone who builds games knows that the more time you get to iterate, the better game you get and I hope we can apply that to single player,” Soderlund said.

One of the main concerns of DICE’s recent shooters — Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront — is that the campaign has been lacking, or that in the case of Battlefront, the lack of a campaign makes the game difficult to recommend.

Here’s hoping Battlefield 1 can live up to the hype and deliver on the campaign front.

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