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DOOM Classic Maps Location Guide

Go back to where it all started: Classic DOOM! Here’s where to find every Classic map in DOOM.


Each campaign mission in DOOM houses a map from either the original DOOM or DOOM II. Once you find the map, it’ll be fully playable from the main menu. In order to unlock these maps, you need to find well-hidden levers scattered throughout each mission. Here’s how to find them.

DOOM II – Entryway

Mission: Level 1 – The UAC

Location: Find the Elite Guard and drop down to the surface, where you’ll head down the path and drop down further to another level. Take a look at your map to find the Field Drone icon, which is where the lever is located inside an entrance to the left of the crate. Pulling the lever removes the crate, opening the entrance to the map.


DOOM – Hanger

Mission: Level 2 – Resource Operations

Location: At the beginning of the stage after dropping through the Maintenance Bay Door, head over to the room’s far corner and climb onto the crates. Grab the armor then walk along the railing to the far right. Jump up to the left ledge and climb up to find the lever to access the map.


DOOM – Nuclear Plant

Mission: Level 3 – Foundry

Location: When you reach the smelting room, head to the top floor and jump over the railing onto a cart platform to find the lever.


DOOM – Toxin Refinary

Mission: – Level 4 – Argent Facility

Location: After the first Trial Stone at the start of the mission, have a look behind the barrels on the left-most platform to find the lever. Once activated, head into the next facility, and don’t forget to grab the Rocket Launcher. The map entrance is to the opening on the right.


DOOM – Halls Of The Damned

Mission: Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower

Location: Once you activate the Argent Drones, head out of the control room and move towards 4-A on the other side of the tower. When the Drone exits the dock, hope on and ride to the top. Jump across to find the lever, and the entrance directly below.


DOOM – Slough Of Despair

Mission: Level 6 – Kadingir Sanctum

Location: Take out the Barons of Hell, and then look for a cave opposite the main exit. The lever is inside. Head over to the big door and drop to the right, and then an immediate right to see the map entrance down the hill.


DOOM II – Underhalls

Mission: Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed)

Location: There is an octagonal platform right at the start of the mission. Head over this platform to a higher platform, where there is some cargo. The lever is behind it. Pull it, then head back to the earlier walkway, to around, jump up to level 1 and head into the map.

DOOM – Phobos Lab

Mission: Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex

Location: You’ll be tasked with taking out the force field, and once you do, jump across the platform to reach the rock formation to the left. Double jump to the ledge to collect the Mega Health, and then across the rocks to the left, over the pipes, before jumping down to find the lever. You’ll need to head back to the most recent Gore Nest to find the entrance.


DOOM – Tower Of The Babel

Mission: Level 9 – Lazarus Labs

Location: There’s a big room with a pit that has a staircase. Head down to find the lever in the corner to the right near some candles, with the map entrance in the pit itself.


DOOM – House Of Pain

Mission: Level 11 – The Necropolis

Location: Grab the Yellow Skull and beat all the baddies that come your way follow that. Head to the exit portal and look for a small nook to the right, where you’ll find the lever. Head back to the previous room where you found the Argent Cell, where you’ll also see the entrance.


DOOM – Command Control

Mission: Level 12 – VEGA Central Processing

Location: Once you’ve snared the blue keycard, head on through the door. Head to the left into “Sector P Access”. Use the keycard to go through the doors next to the AutoMap Station. There are some crates with an Elite Guard, where you’ll find the switch. Returning to the area where you found the keycard, you’ll find the map entrance at the end of the hall.


DOOM – Pandemonium

Mission: Level 13 – Argent D’nur

Location: Activate the Secret Skull Switch after meeting the first Wraith, and head down to find an opening to the right. At the end of the tunnel, jump on the ledge to find the lever, with the map entrance just ahead to the right.

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