DOOM PC set to get SLI and Vulkan API support soon DOOM PC set to get SLI and Vulkan API support soon
DOOM PC set to get SLI and Vulkan API support soon

DOOM is out now on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation, and PC gamers will get SLI support soon, id Software has confirmed.


A common issue with shadows in the recently-released DOOM is limiting SLI scaling, prompting fans of the game to reach out to developer id Software to release an update for the game.

Thankfully, the studio plans to update the PC version soon, with lead rendered programmer Tiago Sousa confirming via Twitter that is SLI support is “coming soon”.

“There’s an issue with shadows limiting SLI scalling, [it] will get better,” he said.

Sousa also has some wise words of advice for those playing DOOM at 4K resolution. He said that running at that resolution is a “gpu waste to process all those pixels”, advising players to use the resolution scaling slider in Advanced Menu to improve performance.

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Vulkan support is also on the agenda, so id Software is working hard to ensure DOOM‘s performance is up to scratch with the latest tech. To get an idea of just how big a deal the Vulkan API is, check out the gorgeous video below.



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