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DOOM Hack Modules Guide: The Definitive Guide To Refining Your Module Selection

DOOM‘s hack modules compliment your loadout and help refine your skill-set. Here’s what each Hack Module does.


Hack Modules are used alongside your loadout to help with awareness, equipment, power-ups and survivability. You can pre-select four different Hack Modules for each spawn, and you’ll earn different Hack Modules by completing in-match tasks and challenges, and by levelling up.

While Hack Modules have a limited duration, they complement the speed of DOOM‘s multiplayer by giving you a quick boost in specific areas. Here’s a quick guide to help you wrap your head around each Hack Module and what they do.

Hack Module Basics

Hack Modules come in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. While these rankings obviously have different influence levels on your loadout, you could earn a Gold Hack Module before having earned the Bronze or Silver equivalent, as it’s completely random. Interestingly, and certainly useful, is that you could earn the same Hack Module twice, meaning you could head into a match with more than one of the same Module.

Tip: Much like map design, Hack Modules take a while to learn and understand, and as such you should head into matches in the early days with ‘Auto-Fill’ and ‘Auto-Select’ so that the game can select the Hack Module for you. This will allow you to cycle through Hack Modules randomly until you nail down which ones you like the most. The other good thing about this is that it saves time, so in those early days you can respawn quickly without having to read through and understand what each Hack Module does while you select them.

Awareness Hack Modules

These Modules are exactly what you think they are: they approve your overall map awareness, meaning you’ll be able to better detect enemies, avoid damage, and collect more pickups.


Description: Increased speed when you take damage

Tip: Useful for Freeze Tag and Soul Harvest due to the frequency of death and heavy focus on kills.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds



Description: Increased alert to nearby enemies.

Tip: Fantastic module for use on Domination to help know the perimeter and know when to capture a point.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds



Description: 120 seconds of increased pick-up duration

Tip: Fantastic for Soul Harvest.

Bronze: 2x pick-up radius

Silver: 3x pick-up radius

Gold: 4x pick-up radius


Vital Signs

Description: Shows how much health an enemy has.

Tip: Useful in Clan Arena to pick out weaker enemies.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds


Speed Demon

Description: 120 seconds of increased speed near a Demon.

Tip: Absolutely necessary for Soul Harvest as there is always a Demon nearby.

Bronze: 50-meter radius

Silver: 75-meter radius

Gold: 100-meter radius


Supply Timer

Description: Shows time until next pickup respawn.

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds

Boost Modules

Boost modules give you enhanced awareness and effectiveness of weaponry and equipment, while also decreasing damage taken and increasing XP earned.

Blast Shield

Description: Take less self-damage for two minutes.

Tip: Perfect for use with explosives and Rocket Launcher.

Bronze: 50% reduction

Silver: 75% reduction

Gold: 100% reduction



Description: Spawn with full armor if you die without a kill.

Tip: Great for when you’re first starting out, and especially in Team Deathmatch.

Bronze: +50 armor

Silver: +75 armor

Gold: +100 armor



Description: 60-second duration of extra XP with every kill.

Tip: Perfect for boosting through levels in any mode.

Bronze: +50 XP

Silver: +75 XP

Gold: +100 XP


Infinite Ammo

Description: All loadout weapons have infinite ammo.

Tip: Fantastic for use with high rate-of-fire weapons.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds



Description: 60-seconds of extra XP for every kill by a teammate.

Tip: Fantastic to help boost up levels in all modes.

Bronze: +20 XP

Silver: +30 XP

Gold: +40 XP


Armor Plating

Description: 120-seconds of respawning with extra armor.

Tip: Useful for objective-based modes and Team Deathmatch.

Bronze: +5 armor

Silver: +8 armor

Gold: +10 armor



Description: 120 seconds of reduced equipment cooldown.

Tip: Fantastic Module for use in all modes.

Bronze: 25% reduction

Silver: 40% reduction

Gold: 50% reduction



Description: 120 seconds of bonus XP on kill collaboration

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: +50 XP

Silver: +75 XP

Gold: +100 XP


Wallhack Modules

Wallhack Modules are incredibly strategic, allowing you to see through walls, track enemies, and see power weapons.


Description: Reveal enemies tracking your position

Tip: Try and stay with your back to a wall as much as possible, as this Module doesn’t work if an enemy is tracking you from behind.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds


Demon Tracker

Description: Reveal all demons for 60 seconds.

Tip: Perfect for Soul Harvest.

Bronze: Shows Demons in field of view

Silver: Shows Demons anywhere on the map

Gold: Also shows Demon’s health



Description: Track the top enemy for 20 seconds.

Tip: Fantastic for boosting to get extra XP, and also in Soul Harvest.

Bronze: 100 XP

Silver: 200 XP

Gold: 300 XP


Power Seeker

Description: Find the nearest power-up or power weapon.

Tip: Great when you’re starting out and trying to familiarise yourself with map layout and item spawn locations.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds



Description: Reveals all enemies upon respawn

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: 60 seconds

Silver: 90 seconds

Gold: 120 seconds



Description: 120 seconds of showing health and location of allies.

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: Reveals location

Silver: Reveals health

Gold: Highlights player when they’re shooting


Blood Trail

Description: 60 seconds of tracking wounded enemies

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: 2 seconds

Silver: 3 seconds

Gold: 4 seconds



Description: Reveals your killer’s location for three seconds

Tip: Useful in all modes.

Bronze: Reveals location

Silver: Reveals health

Gold: Highlight when they’re shooting

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