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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare movement ‘natural’ for Black Ops 3 players

With calls to return to a more grounded boots-on-the-ground multiplayer experience, the Call Of Duty team has responded to queries about Infinite Warfare‘s movement mechanics.


As Activision reels from a mass-dislike campaign on YouTube, bringing Call Of Duty‘s marketability into question, some diehard fans are still wondering whether this year’s entry can retain some gameplay consistency.

Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare will be space-bound when it launches this November, raising questions as to its gameplay and whether it will retain the chain-movement system of Black Ops III, or return to the heavy-handed, jet-pack boosting moving of 2014’s Advanced Warfare.

Responding to fan’s on Twitter, Infinity Ward has clarified concerns about Infinite Warfare‘s gameplay, saying Black Ops 3 players will feel at home.

“If you’ve played Black Ops 3 before, our take on the chain-based fluid movement system will feel natural to you,” the studio said.

There seems to be a general consensus in regards to Infinite Warfare, at least among those that aren’t impressed by the trailer. That is that the fast-paced movement of AW and Black Ops 3 is growing tiring, and fans want a return to the “nitty gritty” gameplay that defined the series. Except that’s what they were tired of four years ago, and it’s why we’re here now with Infinite Warfare.

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