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Titanfall fanatic reaches 10,000-game milestone

It might not be a game record, but this Titanfall fanatic has shown off his dedication to one of this generation’s most underrated shooters.


You may have forgotten about Titanfall. Released two years ago, the Xbox One and PC shooter attempted to reinvigorate the genre with a diverse gameplay style that incorporated powerful mech-style beasts called Titans.

The game, developed by some of the team behind Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, was generally well received by gamers and critics alike, selling almost three million units to become the third most popular Xbox One exclusive behind Halo 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Despite a spectacular range of DLC — the full game with all extra content is essentially free these days — the community quickly died off. You can certainly still find people online these days if you have the patience to find a lobby, but it’s not quite as popular as you’d hope such a great shooter would be, even two years after launch.

There’s still a fairly committed and hardcore audience, however, even on the PC version, which barely managed to sell half-a-million copies globally.

That’s evident in one gamer’s impressive milestone: 10,000 matches played.

Francisco Vitorino reached the milestone last night, Tweeting out to his small yet engaged fanbase that while it was “no world record”, it was still a big milestone.

“I…have moved on and played other games…but I love Titanfall and still play it here and there,” he said he response to a fan.

“I understand why some [people] got tired of it,” he said. “It never got [tiring] for me. Still the most original FPS in the last [few] years.”

Like he said, the milestone is no world record, but it’s interesting nonetheless considering how small the community is.

The game has been out for 782 days. For 10,000 matches, Francisco would have needed to have played 12 matches a day. At, say, eight minutes a match, that’s 1.5 hours per 24 hours, or 75,000 minutes over two years, or 1,251 hours, or 52 days.

Check out his milestone video below.


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