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Aussie-made PS4 game Push Me Pull You is the perfect Uncharted 4 appetiser

Few games have that special sort of aesthetic appeal that scream “PLAY ME” quite like Push Me Pull You does.

The quirky puzzle game, made by Melbourne-based studio House House, is about “friendship and wrestling” according to the four-person development team. Because yes, nothing quite says “friendship” like rolling around on the ground and pushing each other to the brink of defeat…but maybe there’s a lesson to be learnt.

Push Me Pull You seems to have a really nice blend of unusual gameplay mechanics, peculiar visuals and pleasant, lively music. It doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously, which makes it the perfect game to bridge the gap between May 3 and May 10 when Uncharted 4 is released on the PlayStation 4.

So what exactly is Push Me Pull You? It’s a game in which you and your partner must use a shared body to wrap, writhe, and wrestle the ball into your half of the court. So basically it’s The Human Centipede-meets-Dodgeball-meets-Eyes Wide Shut.

Nothing explains Push Me Pull You better than the trailer itself.


What I love about the look of this game is how it blends this kind of nightmarish physical aesthetic with happy-go-lucky tunes, as well as a competitive element that already has me rolling on the ground in fits of laughter. Seriously, I can see myself losing my shit trying to win at this game. The best sort of competitive game is the one where you want to win, but you’re giggly too hard to care if you lose.

I’ve been looking for something to play between now and Uncharted 4, and Push Me Pull You‘s release on May 3 comes at the perfect time.

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