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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare might be real, but the poster has some strange design issues

The internet is abuzz this morning with murmurs of what the next Call of Duty will be. But is this “leak” legitimate, or an elaborate hoax?

The latest entry in the franchise, which has been annualised since 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is reportedly going to be called “Infinite Warfare“, which is interesting (and kind of silly) considering Infinity Ward is developing the game.

Firstly, Infinity Ward is often abbreviated as “IW”, which means “CoD:IW” is either a cheeky marketing ploy and perhaps a hint at an Infinity Ward collection, or it’s just a coincidence (although that seems less likely seeing as though anyone with a brain could make the connection immediately).

Many major news outlets are reporting on the leak, but not a single outlet that I have come across at time of publishing has anything about the game beyond this image.

call of duty infinite warfare

Some things immediately caught my attention with this poster.

Firstly, the idea of a remastered Modern Warfare has me giddy with excitement. Secondly, the name “Infinite Warfare” has infinite possibilities: could it be a space-based CoD? That would be insane.

I can’t help but remain skeptical, though, for a few reasons.

  1. The “Infinite Warfare” subtitle looks awkward underneath “Call Of Duty”, and the font angles don’t line up.


Expanding the logo to the upper edges of the “Y” in Duty would make the subtitle look even more out of alignment. Let’s compare this logo with other logos.


The Modern Warfare here is of major importance, because it appears on the poster. As you can see, however, it doesn’t match up with the original logo, unless they have dropped the “4”, which wouldn’t make much difference because the “E” at the end of “Warfare” still wouldn’t be aligned with the “Y” in “Duty”.


Maybe they dropped the “4”, and there’s a “Series” in there somewhere, as in the whole Modern Warfare series is being remastered…but that seems unlike Activision, and the logo still wouldn’t match up. Why change the name of one of the most recognisable game title abbreviations? No one calls the first Modern Warfare, “Modern Warfare”. It’s “CoD4”. Only its two sequels were referred to directly as Modern Warfare. It would be a major branding error in my opinion.

That’s not all that is wrong with the logo. On every Call of Duty game that Infinity Ward has developed, the “I” in “Infinity Ward” has been red. On this poster, it’s white, although they recently simplified their logo in some branding. The logo on their website, however, still has the red “i”.



Maybe I’m nitpicking, but this seems like a hell of a lot of branding issues to appear on an official poster.

There are a few things in favour of this being legitimate.

  1. Call of Duty is generally revealed around April-May.
  2. It has appeared as a “trending” game on the PlayStation Store, mistakingly added.


That second point is rather interesting, and raises plenty of questions. At this stage, however, I remain highly skeptical. “Infinite Warfare” is terribly unoriginal, and if it were to represent “Space”, you’d think the teaser poster would be more than just a carbon-copy of every Call Of Duty game ever.

Finally, there’s this from Infinity Ward.

 “Stay Frosty” means to “be cool”, “stay aware” and/or “be vigilant”. It’s also a quote from Modern Warfare 2. That sort of suggests to me that Infinity Ward is telling fans to be patient and not pay attention to anything that’s come out…or that they’re really playing with us.

This could all be similar to the World At War II leaks from a few years back (and early last year). Maybe someone knows something. There are current Modern Warfare Collection placeholders on Amazon. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, etc. etc.

What are your thoughts? Is this “leak” real or fake? If real, what do you think? Sound off below!


Thursday 28th of April 2016

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