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Master Of Orion early access: Two new races join the battle

Developer NGD Studios continues to evolve the Master of Orion early access, with the third iteration adding two new races and a new victory condition.

The reboot is currently in the third stage of early access and adds two new races, the Darloks and the Silicoids, meaning all ten races from the original Master of Orion are now in the reboot.

The two new races bring with them fascinating new ways of Espionage, the revelation of new Independent Planets, and an exciting new victory condition: Economic. With ten races now making up the Master of Orion early access experience — with Terran from the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition making up eleven — there’s plenty of gameplay variety here for old-school MoO fans to try their hand at galactic domination.

Let’s delve deeper into the new additions, and what they bring to the experience.


The Darloks are master spies, and few in the galaxy trust them. You can hoard information with their superior Espionage skills, cripple industry and research, steal technology, contaminate food – if causing havoc is your style, you can’t look past the Darloks.


The Silicoids are skilful engineers with training in capturing colonies and amassing a large fleet. They have an ultra-rich home world brimming with rare minerals that can really push your campaign forward.

Economic Victory

An Economic Victory is for the tycoon in you. You can dominate the stock market, use Spies to infiltrate other economic structures, or persuade a populace to go on strike and cripple your enemy’s economy.

Independent Planets

These planets are, as you might expect, independent planets. They don’t get involved in politics and as such have no interest in expanding throughout space. Interestingly, they’re part of the Galactic Council, and are therefore useful in achieving a Diplomatic Victory: get on their good side and you’ll have a friendly in congress.

Master Of Orion is now in early access on Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux and Steam OS.


Gaetano Prestia

Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Anyone bothered to check out MoO yet?

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