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Sign up for the Lawbreakers alpha

Multiplayer-only shooters tend to fall by the wayside fairly quickly post-release, but Lawbreakers could be different. You’ll be able to see how with sign-ups for the Lawbreakers alpha now open.

The brainchild of Gears of War stalwart Cliff Bleszinski and Killzone director Arjan Brusse‘s new studio Boss Key Productions, Lawbreakers looks to be pretty special, especially if its exhilarating gameplay trailer, released last year, is anything to go by.


That multiplayer-only philosophy that Lawbreakers is clinging on to could make or, erm, break the game’s success, but it has something going for it that both the likes of Titanfall and Evolve, two very competent shooters, lacked at launch: character depth.

Four characters seems fairly barebones, but the reality is that these are four distinctively different gameplay experiences, each with their own unique ways of altering gravity. Titan, for example, can slow things down, whereas the Enforcer can deactivate gravity all together, sending enemies floating into the air.

Its arena-based design, an obvious ode to the Unreal Tournament‘s of the world, exemplifies the vision set out by the Boss Key Productions crew when they first revealed Lawbreakers: to offer a fast-paced, gravity defying action romp, hellbent on redefining the online experience and expanding the gameplay fundamentals established by the likes of Call Of Duty.

You can be among the first in the world to test Lawbreakers, with sign-ups for the Alpha now open for all. Visit to sign-up now.

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