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The game we’ve all been waiting for: Cat President

They say everything’s political, and, well, maybe they’re right. Even our furry little feline friends are getting in on the political tussle for world domination. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Can you imagine a world where cats have the power to change laws, introduce policy and shape the very social fabric of our communities? Maybe humans would be spared, but we all know dogs are going straight to the gulags!

So what would this world be like, and why are cats in a position to cease control? Well that’s what a new game, Cat President, aims to answer.

Twenty years ago, America’s political system became so corrupt that it almost destroyed the entire country. In order to prevent the nation’s collapse, the Supreme Court was forced to ban all humans from politics. Cats were, of course, the natural replacement. Like, naturally.

So says the game’s official Steam Greenlight page, so yes, this game is being made, and yes, enough people have shown interest in it for it to be approved and continue on its journey to full release on Steam.


Now of course, a game about cat politics wouldn’t be a cat politics game without…well, cat puns!

What we have here is the abolition of the current drawn-out nomination system. The States of Meowa, New Clawshire and South Catolina are the only states that hold primaries. The Democat and Repawblican parties have been eliminated and replaced by the Fancy Furballs and the Sharpclaws.

There are six cats in the storyline, so we’re sure that every political stereotype will be represented, from the far-right racist goon, to the everything-is-offensive loon.

For more information, head on over to Cat President‘s STEAM Greenlight campaign. It’s the purrrfect way to show your support! (sorry)


Friday 22nd of April 2016

I can't believe this is a thing...

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