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Dark Souls 3 Weapon Skills Guide

Weapon Skills in Dark Souls III add a bit of extra flavour to the series’ fame skills and special effects system.

Previously, only some weapons had special skills that would consumer FP, but in Dark Souls III, every weapon has a special skill. Every single piece of usable equipment has a skill.

It’s important to note that while certain skills may make a weapon seem more appealing and useful, it still comes down to the specific weapon’s moveset and overall ability that determines its effectiveness.

Read on for the full list of Dark Souls 3 Weapon Skills.

Dark Souls 3 Weapon Skills Guide

Blind SpotCorvian Greatknife, Handmaid's DaggerBreak through shielden enemies guard by attacking from side
BloodlustBlood LustStain blade with own blade for temporary sharpness
Chain SpinWinged Knight Twinaxes, Winged Knight HalberdUse large spinning motion to sweep enemies and then use strong attack to continue spin until stamina is exhausted
Chained DancePainting Guardian's Curved SwordConsecutive attacks while tracing a circle
Champion's ChargeGundyr's HalberdCharge at enemy with spear at waiste, use momentum to transition into spinning strong attack
ChargeAstora Greatsword, Spears, Pikes, HalberdCharge at enemy with spear at waiste, using strong attack while change to extent length of attack.
CombustionPyromancy Flame, White Hair TalismanCreate powerful flame in hand.
Crescent BladeCrescent Moon SwordIn a broad stance, fire crescent moon blades.
Dancer's GraceDancer's Enchanted SwordIn a dancing spinning motion, unleashes both blades, using strong attack to continue until stamina is exhausted.
DarkdriftDarkdriftAim and pierce with strong, large lunch forward.
Darkmoon ArrowDarkmoon LongbowInfuse arrow with Darkmoon essence will grant it magic damage and pierce shields.
Demonic FlareDemon's Great AxeFlares flame within.
EmberFirelink GreatswordFading flame illuminates brightly and launches forward.
Falling BoltDragonslayer Great Axe, Dragonslater SwordspearGenerate lightning with axe held in the air, then strong whip to the ground to send bolts flying.
Feast BellEleonoraEmit a solemn chime by holding axe in air. Restores HP for each hit.
Flame of LorianLorian's GreatswordTransforms smolder into flame with every lunge forward. Use strong attack to launch flames along ground.
Flame WhipWitch's LocksCoats whip in fire.
Flame WhirlwindDemon's FistFlaming fists. Use strong attack while spinning to slam the ground with both fists.
FrostPontiff Knight Great ScytheCreates frost with every swing of greatscythe.
Frost BladePontiff Knight Curved SwordBlade is frosted with every large spin. Strong attack slashes with a frozen blade.
GalvanizeWarpick, PickaxeBoosts stamina recovery speed.
Gentle PrayerTalismansSlowly recovers HP over a period of time.
Guiding LightScholar's Candlestick, Cleric's CandlestickCandle which offers additional guidance.
HoldKatanasLunging slash while in holding stance.
ImpactWhipsEvade shields with strike from the left. Deal powerful blow that slows stamina recovery.
Kindled ChargeGargoyle Flame SpeakCharge at enemy with spear at waist, use momentum to execute strong fiery attack.
Kindled FlurryGargoyle Flame HammerAnchor your weapon in the ground and use strong attack to launch volleyes of fire from tip of hammer
Leaping SlashClawEvery leaping slash at enemy's head counts as headshot.
LifedrainDark HandSteal a victim's HP by embracing them (humans only).
Lightning ChargeDragonslayer SpearUse lightning with spear at waist and release bolts with every thrust.
MoanMoaning ShieldAttracts enemies with a gentle prayer to the shield.
Molten PerseveranceOld King's Great HammerBoost poise by anchoring weapon in ground, use strong attack to stab earth and trigger molten explosions.
Moonlight VortexMoonlight GreatswordTorrential moonlight after dragging sword back and thrusting forward.
Morne's RageMorne's Great HammerEmits shockwave after planting weapon into ground.
Neck SwipeReapersAttacks enemy's scruff, acting as a headshot.
Oath of SunlightSunlight Straight SwordBoosts attack and damage absorption for self and allies while holding the sword in the air while praising the sun.
OnislayerOnikiri and ObadachiCut open forward by leaping forward and slashing.
PacifyYorshka's SpeakWear down enemy FP with a prayer and offering of the shield.
ParryParrying Dagger, Farron GreatswordDeflect an enemy attack for a follow-up critical hit.
PerseveranceBlack Knight SwordBoost poise.
Pharis Triple-shotBlack Bow of PharisFire three arrows simultaneously.
Profaned FlameProfaned GreatswordSummon the Profaned Flame. Lunge forward and use strong attack.
Puncturing ArrowGreatbowsSends arrow flying and through multiple enemies in its path.
Punitive FlameImmolation TinderBlankets the ground with a flame.
QuickstepDaggers, Thrall AxeInstantly avoid target lock-on.
Rapid FireComposite Bow, Show BowAllows consecutive shots with arrows.
Ricard's Lunge and PressRicard's RapierAssume quick stance, lunch forward to execute chain attack. Strong attack lasts longer.
Sacred Light and FlameTwin Princes' GreatswordNormal attack in stance will cast Sacred Lothric Light, and Flame of Lorian with strong attack.
Sacred Lothric LightLothric's Holy SwordImbue sword with sacred light witha stance. Strong attack releases light along with great thurst of sword.
SharpenButcher Knife, Great MacheteSharpens blade, increases HP restore with every hit.
Shield BashAll ShieldsUse equipped shield and strike enemy. Keep guard up.
Shield SplitterMail BreakerAim and lunge forward to attack enemy shields and cause direct damage.
Spin SlashGotthard Twinswords, Curved SwordsLarge spinning motion slices into foes. Continued spinning leads to strong attack.
Spin SweepPartizanLarge spinning motion sweeps into foes. Continued spinning leads to strong attack.
StanceStraight Swords and Greatswords, Crystal Sage's RapierUse normal attack while in stance to break enemy's guard. Strong attack slashes updates with forward lunge.
Stance of JudgementGreatswords of JudgmentUnleash dark magic with stance. Normal attack with a lunging thrust, or strong attack for side-sweeping wave.
Steady ChantHeysel Pick, Golden RitualBoosts strength of sorceries.
StomoDark Sword, Greatswords and Ultra GreatswordsUse weight to lunge forward with low stance, increased poise. Strong attack creates spinning slash.
Stone FleshHavel's GreatshieldRaise shield in prayer, turns character body into solid mass of stone.
Storm KingStorm RulerIn stance, imbue sword with storm. Useful against giants.
TackleCrossbowsUse shoulder tackle, push back enemies a fair distance.
TornadoStorm Curved SwordUse blade in a spinning motion, followed by strong attack.
Unfaltering PrayerTalismansIncreases poise while casting miracles, preventing enemies from interrupting prayer.
Unleash DragonTailbone Shortsword, Tailbone SpearTrust spear to unleash the strength of dragons.
WarcryAxes, Greataxes, Hammers, Great Hammers, Crescent AxeScream out a spirited warcry to boost attack and enable strong attack.
Weapon SkillAll ShieldsPerform skill of right-hand weapon with weapon in left-hand.
Wheel of FateBonewheel ShieldSpin the wheel to shred enemies with its outer spikes.
Wolf LeapOld Wolf Curved SwordLarge spinning attack to slice up enemies, then jump out and back in with strong attack.
Wolf SwordWolf Knight's GreatswordIn stance, use normal attack for low spinning slash, or strong attack for vertical-slash sommersault.
Wrath of GodsWolnir's Holy SwordEmits powerful shockwave after thursting weapon into the ground.
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