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IKEA VR is here to put an end to frustrating weekend furniture shopping

The idea of a Saturday afternoon at IKEA is enough to send any single person or childless couple screaming for the exit. I was there just this past weekend and am still shocked by the willingness of people to turn a trip to the furniture warehouse into some sort of family fun day. I’m there for serious furniture shopping and the family in front of me is having a casual Sunday stroll, screaming children in tow.

Thankfully, a new IKEA VR game on Steam, appropriately called the “IKEA VR Experience”, looks to take the whole “being-around-people” element out of shopping for a desk or wardrobe.

IKEA VR Experiece is free-to-play for the HTC Vive and really acts as more of a tech demo than a full-blown shopping experience, offering up a five-minute walk-about inside the company’s latest 2016 catalogue kitchen.

You can give it a go via STEAM.


Thursday 7th of April 2016

I've lost count the amount of times I have been there with Rich and we have ended up in a major argument. If it's not the initial stress of being there in the first place, it's the other shoppers who mindlessly shuffle along with total disregard. It's the screaming kids, its the smell of the food you'll never find, and the promise of an exit that's always around another corner.

If you manage to make it out unscathed, which lets be honest is hardly ever, you end up making that promise to yourself on the car ride home that you'll never visit again....

Until you need that extra bookcase [sad]

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