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Two Rockstar classics get stealth PS4 release

European and Aussie PS4 gamers are undoubtedly appreciative of SCE’s sneaky PS2 Classic releases on the PlayStation Network, but it’s hard not to reminisce of a time when gamers were actually made aware of such outbreaks.

The latest stealth release of Bully (or Canis Canem Edit, as it was called in Europe and Australia before being re-released in the latter by its original name) is the latest in a long line of PS2 Classics to hit the PSN Store, leaving gamers in other regions, particularly North America, clamouring for more details of the release schedule.

Joining Bully on the store in Europe (but not Australia) is Manhunt, rounding out Rockstar’s devious line of sly tricks to detract people away from its next big release (*cough* Red Dead *cough*).

Both games come with upscaled resolution at 1080p, trophies and support for all the PS4 sharing features.

Not seeing Manhunt on the store in Australia yet is a bit of a disappointment, but returning to Bully, or at least the original release of it in Canis Canem Edit, is pretty cool. The game got a massive update on Xbox 360 (and less so on Wii) almost a decade ago, but the PS2 version still holds up like the gem it is.

Remember when Rockstar actually released games?

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