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Flying Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide to Highwing the Hippogryph and Thestral

Hogwarts Legacy whisks players away to the enchanted campus of Hogwarts. The game adds the thrill of flying mounts, which offers a distinctive and fashionable method to travel as you explore the Highlands. Thestral and Highwing the Hippogryph, two of the game’s flying horses, will be made available to you as you progress through the game.

How to unlock Highwing the Hippogryph

Highwing, a regal-appearing Hippogryph, is the first flying mount you meet in the game. During the Autumn term, if you enrol in Beast Class, you’ll have the chance to run into her in the forest. Once you’ve gotten to know Poppy, she’ll invite you to the forest where you’ll have a surpise encounter with Highwing.

After finishing the Astronomy Class quest and the mission “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom,” Natty will invite you to meet her at Falbarton Castle. To make Highwing a flying mount, you must complete the High Keep quest. You’ll need to work out puzzles, free Highwing from the poachers at Rookwood, and get out of the castle.

hogwarts legacy flying mounts

Highwing is available for use as a mount at any time after the mission is finished. Simply hit the tab button and 2 to call her. Holding the shift button allows Highwing to run on the ground even though she isn’t much faster than a broomstick in the air.

Holding the spacebar will cause her to lift off, and you can use the same key to ascend or fall. If you hit the C button, she will hover still, giving you the chance to fully experience the sights and sounds of the Highlands.

How to unlock the Thestral mount

The Thestral mount is only available to players who own the Deluxe or Collector’s version of the game or who buy the Dark Arts bundle. By choosing it from the menu’s Gear section, you can switch to this mount. Another Hippogryph you save during the High Keep quest is Caligo, who you can switch to if you pre-ordered the game. Highwing will be unlocked concurrently with Caligo and Thestral.

hogwarts legacy flying mounts

Highwing and Thestral are two mounts that you’ll want to add to your collection since flying mounts provide an added level of excitement to Hogwarts Legacy. To unlock these two wonderful beings and fly across the Highlands in elegance, be sure to follow the steps above.

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